5 easy listening podcasts to learn Spanish

By @jess y @valentin
Translated into Spanish
Learning a language is a combination of 4 basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and finally listening. Podcasts to learn Spanish are a simple way to further your listening skills to learn Spanish outside the classroom. They are ideal if you have a hectic schedule because they aren’t too demanding and it’s possible to play a podcast whilst doing something else: for example, play a podcast whilst eating your breakfast before work, or listen to a podcast instead of the radio whilst doing chores. We have researched easy-listening podcasts to learn Spanish in a casual way, and have listed our favourites below!

Coffee Break Spanish | @coffeebreakspanish
Coffee Break Spanish create a series of podcasts to learn Spanish, ranging in difficulty according to your level so you can listen at your own pace. It’s called Coffee Break because each podcast lasts 15-20 minutes, the duration of a coffee break, so it’s perfect for a quick listen. They are very active on Instagram, posting a different word each day to expand your vocab, so give them a follow too!
We read the review of James Taylor, a former student of ours: « I’ve always used podcasts to study what I have learned in class. I recommend Coffee Break Spanish to beginners because it’s so easy to follow […] I usually listen to them when I’m walking in the countryside and that way it doesn’t feel like a chore for me’’.

News in Slow Spanish | @NewsInSlowSpanish
News in Slow Spanish is great for keeping up-to-date with the current affairs in the Hispanic world, and it’s an added bonus that you can improve your Spanish at the same time. You can choose between news local to Spain or news from Latin America, and of course the accents will differ accordingly. They also create videos that go along with the audio that you can watch online, all categorised by difficulty so you can select the podcasts which suit you. These podcasts are renowned amongst Spanish students because they not only advance their language but enrich their understanding of the culture and affairs in the Hispanic world too!

Spanishobsessed.com | @SpanishObsessed
Spanish Obsessed offer an ample variety of podcasts that are adapted to your level, and they are ideal if you want to vastly improve your Spanish through the use of podcasts. They are structured more like classes, with lessons on pronunciation, and they also provide the transcript to all their podcasts which you can download and read alongside the audio. Furthermore, they offer vocab and grammar exercises so you can become a Spanish expert, all whilst remaining light-hearted and fun. Perfect, no?

PodcastFromSpain.com | @podcastfromspain
Do you find that native Spaniards speak too quickly? If so, don’t worry, Podcast From Spain is a great way to become accustomed to hearing Spanish in conversational use. All their podcasts come with scripts, comprehension tests and explanations so you can visualise and put into practise what you hear, all offered at different levels of difficulty. Thanks to the supporting exercises they provide you will find your listening skills improving in leaps and bounds, along with expanding your vocabulary and grammar.

Audio Lingua | @audiolingua
Audio-Lingua is a website with thousands of authentic podcasts to learn Spanish that are free to download, meaning you can listen to them whenever you like. They are recorded by native speakers from all over the world, and they chat without a prepared script, giving the podcasts a very authentic feel, almost like eavesdropping on a conversation between friends. They generally speak about their culture, country and daily lives but there are no restrictions. What we really like about this site is that you can filter the podcasts by length, origin of the speaker, theme etc. if you have specific requirements or interests.
Our podcast recommendations are guaranteed to enhance your Spanish listening skills, and in turn your Spanish in general, and many of our students already use podcasts to learn Spanish outside of the classroom. If you want to take an even further step into learning Spanish, we offer classes in person or through Skype. And finally, if you have any more suggestions of good podcasts, leave them in the comments below!

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