Wine Tasting in Ronda

Discover a real and a different Wine Tasting in Ronda

wine tasting in Ronda

A Wine tasting in Ronda can have many different philosophies, and at Entrelenguas we want to bring you the most authentic wine experience possible. We invite you to descend the Tajo valley and visit the Samsara vineyard, from where you will have one of the best views of the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) and of the rest of the city. Our objective with this wine tasting in Ronda is to try natural wines as well as to introduce you to local seasonal products.
The wine that we want you to get to know is produced through permaculture (the development of sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems) and follows the principals of biodynamics. Through permaculture, the environment is respected: the vineyards share the earth with more than 2000 other local species, and instead of chemicals, it is the sheep that are in charge of eating the grass and providing the compost. In parallel, biodynamics, together with the lunar calendar, governs over the earth’s work: each day there is a type of job to do, according to whether the moon is ascendant or descendant.

Globalisation has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can help local wines to get noticed and to be appreciated all over the world, through for example, a wine tasting Ronda. But on the other hand, as for viticulture, we have noticed in the last few years that there has been a desire to return to the cultivation of local vineyards instead of importing wine from other regions. There is a very simple reason for this:  more and more people who work the land are realising the importance of respecting the environment and that it is vital in order to achieve the sustainability of the land that they are working on.
Also, for outstanding wines to be produced, plants that are already adapted to the climate and local terrain need to be grown. In doing this, a more abundant grape harvest is ensured, because remember, this type of agriculture doesn’t use chemicals. For this reason, generally speaking, the overall production is a lot more limited. Not only this, but also, thanks to permaculture, this same vine can produce a different wine each year. Isn’t nature magical? Without chemicals which ensure a stable and invariable flavour, the wine is subject to the climate in a unique way, making a unique and authentic wine. Because of this, the same species of grape can have a different taste and colour depending on whether it was harvested after a rainy or particularly dry summer, producing a more surprising and interesting variety.
So, if you are a wine enthusiast or you are looking to widen your travel experience horizons with a wine tasting in Ronda, we encourage you to try the wines that Samsara Wines offer, and you will also learn about alternative agriculture. Of course, the wine tasting Ronda that we offer is always accompanied by local products, to respect the natural cycles of the earth. Cheese, cured meat, nuts and fresh vegetables accompanied by the best homemade bread and a good extra virgin olive oil. This is what Andalucía is all about!

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