What to do in Ronda

by @marine_sld

As well as being a pueblo blanco (white town) that you just have to visit in Andalusia, Ronda also has the advantage of being close to a mountain of unmissable sights in the region. You can visit great cities like Granada, or smaller and more atypical places like the town of Pitufos. There’s a load of options to choose from! Here’s a list of places that I got to visit during my stay in Ronda…

 First, I landed in Malaga, the capital of the province with the same name. It’s a pretty seaside city, but a little deceptive in comparison to what I was expecting.

With the suffocating heat of Andalusia, swimming is a vital necessity. Unfortunately, the only downside of Ronda is that it’s not by the sea — however, Malaga and Marbella are very close. I didn’t have the courage to visit beaches probably full of people and therefore I preferred to find a more peaceful location: La Cueva Del Gato (The Cat’s Cave), a cave location in the mountain. Since it comes from the mountain, the water is almost freezing, but surely also the clearest I’ve ever seen. And with the heat, a little cold never hurt anybody!

 As well as the nearby big cities, you can also visit the famous white towns that surround Ronda, like the town of Zahara or the blue town of Juzcar (also called the town of the Smurfs!). These “pueblos blancos” are essential to visit if you come to Andalusia! As the name of Juzcar indicates, the concept is very simple: all of the houses are blue!  It’s a town that’s completely out of the ordinary and almost makes you forget you’re even in Andalusia.

 Another must-see city in Andalusia that I (re)discovered is Granada. From the San Nicolas Lookout with a breathtaking view of the Alhambra, over the Arab market Alcaiceria, to the cathedral and the Sacromonte, the different influences (Islamic, Jewish and Christian) that exist here make this city a truly unique place.

 I could continue writing about Marbella, the Caminito Del Rey or kayaking in Ardales, but to know more about everywhere, I invite you to discover through this next post the region on your own!

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