Weekend trip Seville

The other week, me and two other friends decided to go for a weekend trip Seville! We had a great time, despite going on the hottest day during the summer heatwave! I’m going to tell you a bit about what we got up to…
As we knew it was going to be hot, we decided to get the earliest bus on a Friday, which was at 7am, so that we would arrive before it got too hot! (we were the only ones on the bus…) Once we got there, we visited the main places in that morning, such as the plaza de España, el parque de María Luisa (a tropical garden), the Cathedral, las setas (a metropole parasol in shape of mushrooms), la plaza de toros (the famous bullring), el Puente de Isabel II (a beautiful bridge which goes across the Guadalquivir river) and the Alcazár (although we didn’t actually go in, given the huge queue! Best to book online beforehand.)
For this weekend trip Seville, we booked a hostel a couple of days before through Hostelworld and managed to find a great place with a rooftop terrace, where we could admire the beautiful skyline, and it also had a pool! We stayed in a 14-bed dorm with bunk beds and it was only 19 euros a night! Once it got too hot (around 45 degrees!), we made our way to the hostel, as check in was at 2pm. We hung out by the pool all afternoon, chatting to other travellers, from Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, America etc… It was great talking to everyone, practicing and learning new languages, and listening to all their stories! I learnt the word for ‘peg’ in Dutch, which is ‘Wasknijper!’
We then found out that the hostel was doing a pub crawls that night, with everyone staying there. We thought we’d go for it, as it was only 15 euros which included 2 shots and a free drink. We went to 3 bars, and luckily 2 of the places were open air! They were called ‘terraza Bilindo’ and ‘Muelle New York’, both places were along the river. We had a blast, listening to my favourite kind of music… REGGATEON!
The next day, check out was around 11am, so we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, a bit worse for wear, and did a bit more wandering around, however it did get too hot and we ended up spending the afternoon in a great restaurant in the centre eating at No Lugar ! We then got the 5pm Bus back to Ronda and got back around 7pm!
Other things to do during your weekend trip Seville, would be to of course watch a flamenco show! As the home of flamenco, Andalusia is the perfect place to experience a traditional, authentic show. However, with such a huge amount of shows available in Seville, and a number of them admittedly geared towards tourists, you have to ensure you choose carefully when deciding on the best place to go. Have a look here and enjoy your time at Auditorio Alcántara.
All in all, Sevilla is a beautiful city with beautiful architecture, and definitely worth visiting! (But probably best when there isn’t a heatwave!) You’ll love exploring the Moorish history and walking down the winding streets. I truly recommend visiting!

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