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Guided tours and cultural activities in Ronda

Visiting Ronda is the option that more and more tourists are choosing when they vacation in Andalusia and Spain. But people’s interests are changing, and many travellers don’t want to be “tourists” anymore. When we travel we want to do what the locals do, we want to live like locals live, and we want our trip to be a genuinely authentic experience. Because of these changing interests, when people plan their trips they’re contracting fewer touristic services, opting instead for real experiences during their travels. The challenge is that these experiences are not created, they are found. So what exactly is the difference between a touristic experience and a non-touristic experience?

At Entrelenguas we strive to offer a sustainable form of tourism for those visiting Ronda. This begins with providing an authentic framework —namely guided tours in Ronda and participatory activities— through which travellers can experience the city as it really is. We believe that there should be no line separating locals and travellers because although different people participate in Ronda’s day-to-day life in different contexts; the goals of leisure and enjoyment are the same. For this reason, in the tourism department of Entrelenguas we provide these experiences using two approaches.

The first, comprised of pre-organised activities that highlight Ronda’s offering of quality “products” (both consumable and non-consumable) on two levels: local products themselves, and contact with people from Ronda. The idea is to provide the traveller with the opportunity to see first-hand the city’s more authentic side through guided visits of Ronda with an official guide, photography tours, excursions to the pueblos blancos (white hill towns) and visits to organic producers in Ronda. In each of these activities we place an emphasis on the concept of an organic product and/or an alternative form of consumption when travelling.

The second approach consists of all the activities organised in the Entrelenguas centre itself as part our Culture section. These activities are designed to promote community involvement through workshops, theatre pieces, concerts, pop-ups, and other events. Regardless of what the format of each activity may be, our programme’s goal is constant: to offer a different way to visit Ronda. In doing so we hope to differentiate between conventional touristic activities and the real experiences awaiting travellers in our city.

At Entrelenguas we believe beyond any doubt in cultural tourism and its capacity to attract people to Ronda. That’s why we’ve created our Cultural Immersion Centre to serve as a help and guidance centre for travellers during their visit to Ronda.

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