Time for an interview with Time for T!

Today we talk to the British Indie band Time for T about how they first met, the best and worst bits about being a band and their new song Ronda!
The band, comprised of six members from all over Europe were formed in a cosy Brighton pub in 2012. Since their formation they have released four albums: Dream Bug, Mongrel, Time for T and their newest addition: Hoping something anything which was released on the 15th September. Here at Entrelenguas we love their new album, like all their music it has a very chilled and relaxed tone, and obviously our favourite song is Ronda!

What I find very interesting is the name of your band, Time for T. How did you decide on that name? What made you call yourselves Time for T? 

The name came about as a bit of a joke as my name is Tiago and in England it’s hard to pronounce, so many people called me T. I had to make a Myspace page to put my songs out and thought it was a silly joke. When the band joined me, we decided to keep the name. People often write Time for Tea which is a bit frustrating but completely normal as that’s how it sounds. I like that the T could stand for anything.

So, we know you formed in Brighton, but how did you all first meet each other?

We all met at parties and in the Brighton music scene. Everyone played in each other’s bands and at the time I recorded my first EP, I asked a few members to record some parts on the EP and then asked them to join me to play the EP live as it sounded on the recording. We ended up writing and playing many more songs in the end and things started picking up so we made the band a more permanent fixture.

What would you say is the best part of being a band?

The brotherhood is amazing, travelling with friends on the open road discovering new places and people is a very gratifying and sometimes spiritual thing. Obviously, the music making is the main attraction for all of us. There’s no feeling like playing music with a group of people who have created the music together. When we all hit the same note on the right beat, it’s a very powerful feeling.

On the other hand, being a band, especially with six people, must be quite difficult, are there times when you disagree or argue?

Of course, but in general we are quite a well-oiled machine now. It’s normal to have tension and disagreements sometimes, especially when you’re spending a lot of time together in a van and having late nights etc. In general, we have an amazing time and love each other – that’s the most important thing. It’s not easy organising a large group of ‘creative’ people, there are big characters in the group but we have learnt to use this to our advantage.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

I think the best show we ever played was our first really big show at a festival in Porto. We played to 5,000 people and they were all grooving – it was a crazy feeling.

And obviously, what do you think of Ronda? You wrote a whole song about it, so you must like it here? What inspired you to write Ronda?

Well, Ronda stole our hearts from the moment we saw it and even more so after meeting the people who live and work there. The whole group that organised the Muwart Festival were amazing people and so welcoming. I returned soon after playing with the band there because I felt this strong pull to come back. Mar, Alex, Javier and the gang were and are such beautiful people and people seemed to really dig our music there so it was a perfect match. The song ‘Ronda’ was inspired by that first trip there and the happiness I had of being on the road but also the feeling of finally getting some time to myself, that healthy solitude everybody needs once in a while.

What are your plans for the bands future? Are you planning another album? When are you coming to Ronda again?

We are returning to Ronda with the full band for the first time since our first show there so we are very excited to come again. This winter we will start working on the next album and we already have some tours planned for next year, playing places like Switzerland and Italy for the first time.

Thank you very much for speaking to us today, do you have anything you want to say to your Spanish fans?

Disfruta la fruta y venid a nuestro concierto el 12 de octubre en Entrelenguas.
Have fun and come to our concert on the 12th October in Entrelenguas!

We look forward to your concert in Ronda on the 12th October!

© Interview by Abi Nobes

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