Three forms of tourism under the same philosophy like slow tourism

When we do a tour or a leisure activity during a trip, we like to feel that we are in the best hands. Tourism companies have the special ability to form and immortalise the memories of the place that we discover with them. It is essential that that they not only count on the knowledge of the history and the curiosities of the destination, but also on the love towards it. Only in this way can you guarantee a genuine and unforgettable experience. In Ronda, the name of this company is entrelenguas: under the same name we mix orange tourism, leisure tourism and idiomatic tourism so we can receive clients with different interests, but always under the same philosophy, Slow travel. They take travellers to carefully designed routes and share with them their passion for the local and community, teach Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere and organize quality events fostering cultural offer in Ronda. Today, this cultural immersion centre tells us more about its approach to Slow Tourism and the reasons for its passion for its work.

On what have you based your activity as tourism professionals?

Usually, all people are passionate about travelling. Travelling is liberation from the daily routine and is the time to discover things and places far from home. In short, traveling is synonymous for happiness. We have always known that our routine and our profession should be close to this feeling of disconnection that travellers live.

Why is it important to start participating in the Slow travel movement?

The tourism sector has been evolving for too long without any control. Only economic factors have been taken into account without considering the disadvantages that tourism can cause. This has not only led to the urbanization of the main tourist sites, but also to the disappearance of the authenticity of destinations by excluding social and environmental factors. The misuse of the sector makes more and more other places the potential travel destinations, but at the same time new types of tourism are coming up such as Slow tourism, as a new motivation and hope for travellers. Nowadays, the traveller seeks authenticity in the tourist destination and what is more important, to have enough time to discover it. The interests of people change and with them the tourism sector, which evolves towards new directions where the time factor has a very important value. More and more, trips are pursuing a philosophy that advocates integration into the destination, communicate with its inhabitants and become part of their customs and where experience during the journey determines the quality of it. In short, the Slow tourism that we promote in entrelenguas is the key to the achievement of interests that our clients are looking for. Living the destination as the locals do and leaving aside the term tourist is the current trend by traveller. People are looking for immersion through contact with the place and the closeness to people. In Entrelenguas we work in the way that experiences happen and to ease the contact with the community for travellers.

Why did you start to base your work on alternative tourism?

We have been lucky enough to be trained in a time of constant changes which has allowed me to observe the sector with different eyes. We always knew how important tourism is for the local economy, but something we realized was how important it is for the destinations to get things done right. Since always our professional activity has had a direct contact with trips. Mar was trained in language tourism with teaching Spanish, Javier with cultural tourism and I (Alex) began working with guided groups in Spain as a tour guide. During a time we worked abroad in our professions, organising trips for Spanish students in the case of Mar or in my case organising ski trips and guided routes, but it was traveling where we knew that the activity of our centre was linked to sustainability and Slow travel.

How are the tours for travellers you offer in Entrelenguas?

The Ronda Tours that we offer in the centre favour the contact with the local population and the respect of basic values of sustainability, since we consider that the Slow movement favours the sustainable tourism of the locality. Fundamentally, we enforce the community not to use resources abusively since tourism provokes rejection when it affects the quality of life of the natives. On the other hand, the tradition, the local and natural or organic product, as well as the small groups are the key of the activity of leisure tourism that we offer in our centre. The tours we offer promote a Slow travel philosophy that favours the contact with the local population and thus obtain the immersion of the traveller during his stay. Our aim is that travellers feel at home and enjoy all that Ronda has to offer from the closeness to familiarity.

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