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High school Spanish immersion programs

Spanish School in Ronda

Spanish is the world’s second most native spoken language, and the third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and English. Given the rise in its global importance, many people are viewing it as a tool for business and a new way to express themselves. However, much like in business, learning the culture of

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Cultural Hub | Things to do in Ronda

As the summer heat begins to fade, we at Entrelenguas plan to celebrate our second birthday and the change of the seasons with a music event on the 8th October at our cultural hub in Ronda. All are welcome: be they travellers, students, or local friends. Our celebration event, Bye Bye Verano, will be the

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White villages Spain route

Visit Ronda

Guided tours and cultural activities in Ronda Visiting Ronda is the option that more and more tourists are choosing when they vacation in Andalusia and Spain. But people’s interests are changing, and many travellers don’t want to be “tourists” anymore. When we travel we want to do what the locals do, we want to live

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Things to do in Ronda

Things to do in Ronda? When we talk about Spain, we talk about Ronda. Gastronomy and culture have become the most important “ingredients” in attracting people to visit Andalucía and, more precisely, Ronda. These are possibly the two aspects of our country that tourists from around the world know best, and in this city we

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Spanish: a long distance race

James Taylor moved to Spain about a year ago and during this time has climbed through the different levels of Spanish to become fluent. His only secret is his passion for the Spanish language and culture. We would like to share his learning experience with you all, as it will certainly be inspiring for current and

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From Passion to Hablamos Spaans

Last May Entrelenguas hosted a group from the Netherlands thanks to Hablamos-Spaans, a Spanish centre that promotes the Spanish language not only though lessons but also through school trips in which students put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Today we talk to Marga Veldkamp, the director of Hablamos-Spaans and a teacher at the center,

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Ronda Wines

Ronda wines  Entrelenguas is positioned within Ronda as a cultural immersion centre. As such, we offer different possibilities for the people who visit us according to the kind of activities they are looking to do. These always include very important values: small businesses, local products and a collaborative economy. Without a doubt, these are modern

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Ronda, the new destination for Spanish Teachers

Boris Greff is a Spanish and English teacher in Schengen Lyzeum in Perl, in Germany. Being a language-lover and travel buff, he visited Entrelenguas during his spring break and discover much of what Ronda has to offer. Like Boris, many other non-native Spanish teachers will have the possibility of get to know the city, practise

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Erasmus+: a better way of learning Spanish

Today we interview Lewis Foakes, a student from the University of Portsmouth, in southern England. He will be part of the Entrelenguas’ team for six months, helping this language school with general intercultural communication. He is part of the new generation who prefers acquiring valuable working experience instead of learning at an international university as part of

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