The benefits of intensive Spanish classes

Experience first-hand the many benefits of following intensive Spanish classes in Spain

According to Eurostat, in 2017 3.8 % of EU citizens who are of working age are living abroad in another EU country. Because of this they have a higher employment rate (76.1 %) than those residing in the country where they are citizens (72.1 %). Spain has long been a prized destination for tourists and expats alike, due to the Iberian nation’s lenient climate and the high quality of life its population enjoys. An example of this is the fact that in 2017, over 240,500 Brits had already chosen Spain as their new home according to the country’s National Statistics Institute (“Instituto Nacional de Estadística”). However, when coming to Spain from another country—be it to retire, take advantage of work prospects, or simply to change one’s routine on a holiday—learning Spanish can sometimes appear quite daunting at first.

The benefits of intensive Spanish classes
Go hard or go home!

If you are dreaming of visiting Andalusia (or somewhere else in Spain) for a holiday, as part of your studies, or if you decide to dive in head first and settle here in the land of joy and great weather your best bet to quickly integrate into Spanish society and understand its vibrant culture would be to participate in intensive Spanish classes. Indeed, when someone decides to put down roots somewhere new, understanding the native culture and mastering the language is paramount.
Fluency isn’t possible without integration; therefore, it is in your personal interest to make sure you can properly communicate with your new neighbours. Furthermore, if you’re aiming for academic proficiency in order to access higher education, become an articulate Spanish speaker, or conduct business in a professional manner, Entrelenguas’ intensive Spanish classes might just be exactly what you are looking for. The language school and cultural center of Entrelenguas—strategically located in the innermost part of Ronda’s Barrio San Francisco—offers its guests personalised intensive Spanish classes. These are composed of twenty hours spread over the week, four hours a day (pausing for a brief and well-deserved break!), from Monday to Friday. Lessons are focused on developing the four main linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in order to give the student a much more global and practical understanding of the language. Thus, courses are tailored to each class by following a communicative methodology; this includes relevant and fun content combining grammar, vocabulary and culture. This type of educational modules are ideally suited to fit the different needs of students desiring to feel immersed in a Hispanic country’s culture in order to further pursue their linguistic or anthropological studies.

The benefits of intensive Spanish classes  

Experience a Genuine Cultural Immersion 

The jam-packed learning schedule that is on offer with intensive Spanish courses is absolutely great when paired with any of the activities, cultural events or tours that we offer such as: wine-tasting, social gatherings, artisanal workshops, movie nights, etc…. These allow the students to blow off some steam while exploring stunning landscapes and getting in touch with the locales as well as with the local culture and traditions. To experience a genuine cultural immersion is a two-way process and goes far beyond the practice of standard tourism. As a matter of fact, it can’t be achieved without actively participating in the local community. Conveniently, Spaniards are a very welcoming people and will gladly help you improve your Spanish and introduce you to the country’s great beauty and its many, many mysteries. 

 Wait no more! Come to learn Spanish near Malaga, hone your communication skills, meet great people, bathe in the local culture, and reap the countless benefits of attending intensive Spanish classes in Andalusia!

– Written by Arthur Boureau

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