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Learn Spanish Online

Find out why our Skype classes are the best way to learn Spanish online with this interview with one of our students 2019 has been a year of innumerable successes, amongst them are our Skype classes. The classes themselves came from the high demand from our in-house students that wanted to take a taste of

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Best Tapas in Ronda

Tapas is something that is universally renowned as something typically, quintessentially Spanish. There are but a few theories as to how it came about as being Spain’s most popular cuisine, especially vis-à-vis the size of the dish, and how it came to be served mostly with a drink for each dish. One of the main

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Our recommendations for the best restaurants in Ronda, Spain

An important part of visiting a new destination is trying the local food. However, a meal out is more than just the quality of the food; it’s the occasion, the atmosphere, and the people. Here we’ve put together a list of the places that we are sure offer the whole experience making them the best

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Where to park when visiting Ronda

What a great decision you have made to come to our city! When visiting Ronda it is possible to arrive via bus or train. However, renting a car is also an excellent idea as Ronda’s surrounding area has plenty to offer. For example, if visiting Ronda for a few days, it is recommended to go

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Spanish Erasmus Plus: Should I do it?

If spending time abroad ever comes up in conversation, you’ll be sure to hear at least one person remark, “oh I wish I’d done that when I had the chance!”. With a placement through the Spanish Erasmus Plus programme you can be sure to avoid that regret. What is the Spanish Erasmus Plus programme? Erasmus

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What is Slow Travel

What is Slow Travel? The Slow Travel concept

The origin of the Slow Travel concept What is the slow movement? It is increasingly common to hear words such as ‘slow’, ‘responsible’ or ‘conscious’ associated with sustainable tourism, including gastronomy. If this sector is of interest to you, I am sure that the term ‘Slow Food’ will sound familiar – in fact, if you

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Halloween in Spain

Halloween in Spain: Day of the Dead in Spanish-speaking countries

The phenomenon of Day of the Dead, in Spanish ‘El Día de los Muertos’, may be more popular than ever thanks to the growing number of references in pop culture. From Disney’s ‘Coco’ to ‘Spectre’, the James Bond classic, this celebration, its imagery and associated festivity is appearing more and more in Western culture. But

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