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Spanish School in Ronda

The way in which we learn Spanish has changed.  We used to think that in order to learn a language we had to sit down with a paper and pencil and listen carefully to a teacher in a classroom.  However, we´re now learning that learning Spanish and real-life experience go hand in hand, giving the

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Erasmus+: a better way of learning Spanish

Today we interview Lewis Foakes, a student from the University of Portsmouth, in southern England. He will be part of the Entrelenguas’ team for six months, helping this language school with general intercultural communication. He is part of the new generation who prefers acquiring valuable working experience instead of learning at an international university as part of

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10 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Ronda

There is a plethora of reasons to come to Ronda to get your linguistic groove on, and it’s been a real challenge trying to narrow down exactly what should go into our list! We’ve taken feedback from students in our classes over the years to get their opinion on why you should learn Spanish with

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