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Boutique School

A new concept of learning: the Boutique School

The Boutique School. Learning Spanish can be different No one can deny that society is paying more attention than ever to beauty and physical appearance. We are worrying much more about the way we look, probably due to the accessibility of cameras on smartphones or the popularity of social networks, such as Instagram, where this

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Spanish words that end in ería

Guiri guide to -erías

Spanish words that end in ería When in Spain, if you’re looking out for a specific shop on the high street, most of the time, the shop will end in -ería. It’s a funny thing how adding this suffix onto the end, makes it the product’s shop! We share with you this article about the Spanish

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Tricks to learn Spanish

One of the most important factors that determine your rate of progress in your target language is exposure: hearing the language, speaking practice and more generally, linguistic immersion. Taking your studies into your own hands outside of the classroom can heighten your confidence, improve your knowledge of your target language and spur you on in

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10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda

It´s not us who say it, it´s our students! 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda, Malaga. Below are some of the reasons given by students of the school why they chose Ronda as a language learning destination. For the sun! Because Ronda is the most beautiful city in Spain, it has a lot of

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