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learn Spanish in Spain

Linguistic Tourism | A different way to travel

by @_chloeaam What is Linguistic tourism? Linguistic tourism is a unique way to travel, that goes beyond the homogeneity of mass tourism and encourages people to immerse themselves in the true way of life of the particular country. In some places, they’re using linguistic tourism to nurture interest in endangered languages, and in others they

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Learn Spanish in Málaga

Spanish: a long distance

James Taylor moved to Spain about a year ago and during this time has climbed through the different levels of Spanish to become fluent. His only secret is his passion for the Spanish language and culture. We would like to share his learning experience with you all, as it will be for sure be inspiring for

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Ronda, the new destination for Spanish Teachers

Boris Greff is a Spanish and English teacher in Schengen Lyzeum in Perl, in Germany. Being a language-lover and travel buff, he visited Entrelenguas during his spring break and discover much of what Ronda has to offer. Like Boris, many other non-native Spanish teachers will have the possibility of get to know the city, practise

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10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda

It´s not us who say it, it´s our students! 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda, Malaga. Below are some of the reasons given by students of the school why they chose Ronda as a language learning destination. For the sun! Because Ronda is the most beautiful city in Spain, it has a lot of

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Spanish for foreigners

Can you communicate well with Spanish native speakers but still feel you need some help with your grammar? Does the subjunctive drive you crazy? Do you know the different past tenses but you have forgotten when to use?  Do you need to broaden your Spanish vocabulary because you always feel you use the same words?

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