Why Should You Study Spanish in Ronda, Malaga?

Why Should You Study Spanish in Malaga, Ronda?

The fact that Ronda is one of Andalusia’s most visited cities is common knowledge. In spite of the city’s small proportions when compared to Sevilla or Granada—both renowned for their student communities and vibrant nightlife—Ronda, has more than one string on its bow and boasts many assets that elevate the town up to the status of a genuine cultural treasure. As a foreigner and a language amateur myself, I will introduce you to a few reasons why you should study Spanish in Malaga , Ronda and how it can enrich your life.

La Costa del Sol as the best place to study Spanish in Malaga.

A Multicultural Setting

According to a study by Visita Costa del Sol conducted in February 2017, a large amount of  Spanish schools in the Province of Malaga have a variety of higher-education modules surpassing by far the ones available throughout the rest of the country. Just like us, at Entrelenguas, 87% of the province’s schools provide intensive Spanish courses; this is way above the 79% national average. Furthermore, in the region of Malaga, most educational establishments guarantee online classes to their students. People from all around the globe come here to embark on a journey to study Spanish in Malaga , Ronda mainly from Europe, the US, Australia, and Canada. Do not think you’ll get bored coming here! Our visitors originate from different cultural backgrounds; they are of all ages and come from all walks of life. This allows the development of a richly diverse multicultural setting which is a great environment for tackling the intricate task of learning the Spanish language in depth. This unusual feature is more than ideal for you not to feel lonely during your stay with us.

Cultural Advantages 

In addition to being a place where culture and traditions stay well and alive, this part of Andalusia is known for its dynamism: 95.1% of a sample of interviewed tourists declared that they partook in activities (as part of, or) during their trip. This data totally reflects the ground principles of the corporate philosophy we choose to observe at Entrelenguas. We endeavour to ensure that all of our students are able to enjoy cultural group activities—such as tours and visits to historic and natural sites—for them to feel welcome in Ronda and, above all, to help them to effectively practice their Spanish. These activities comprise: hiking routes, visits to museums, tapas and movie night, concerts, language exchange barbecues, etc.… At Entrelenguas, we also often organise day trips to Cadiz, Granada, Malaga, and even to Sevilla. In this manner, because of its strategic location, less than 110 miles (roughly 180km) from all culturally important cities of Andalusia, to study Spanish in Malaga, Ronda is a good compromise when it comes to discover the region. Moreover, the nearby beaches and the valley’s gentle climate—made possible by the local altitude—in comparison to the rest of Southern Spain, reinforce its already strong potential. As a direct result, our students passing through the Province of Malaga demonstrate a high level of satisfaction: four out of five of our students graded their stay as being excellent giving the location a mark of 9.16 on 10 considering criteria such as safety, leisure, quality of life versus cost of living, means of transportation, and urban appliances.
I could continue enumerating Ronda’s many qualities and talk further about its mild climate, above-average quality of life, as well as of the warm hospitality its inhabitants reserve to travellers; however, I wouldn’t want to spoil the many surprises that this cultural treasure has in store for you.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When traveling abroad, you’re guaranteed to quickly find yourself facing a great quantity of new information that you must absorb in a limited amount of time. In the face of adversity, it is absolutely natural that most people tend to unconsciously opt for simpler solutions in order not to have too hard of a time. In other words, students will constantly face the temptation of talking in their native language, by doing this they lose out of crucial time by keeping themselves in a more comfortable and familiar social sphere. This is an issue that is faced frequently by people living in big cities such as Sevilla or Granada. As this White Village of Andalusia is smaller in scale, opportunities to learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda—in complete immersion with the local population—are enhanced. Furthermore, the respect of traditions and the ambient authenticity permeating Ronda make it a great city to live in and socialize.
Martin Dudley and Claire Johnson, two students from our school offered us an interesting account of their experience and motivations regarding learning and study Spanish in Malaga, Ronda:
Valentin: Why did you happen to choose Ronda?
Martin: Since I already travelled Asia for a few years, I decided that I wanted to live in the South of Europe in order to fully enjoy my retirement. I had the opportunity to visit Ronda during a holiday. Ronda directly caught my eye with its culture, history, climate, landscapes, but also with its tight-knit community spirit.
Claire: I visited Ronda on holiday 15 years ago. I fell in love with it because of the climate, the way of life and the food.

Valentin: Did you first plan on going somewhere else than Ronda? Why?
Martin: My first idea was to spend three months in Ronda before heading to Italy, France, Croatia or Greece, but once settled here, I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I’ve been in Ronda for three years, now.
Claire: No, I already knew I wanted to live in Ronda.
Valentin: What are the main assets of the city of Ronda?
Martin: Ronda is just the perfect place to visit, as far as I’m concerned; I found it to be completely dazzling! I find it more stunning every day I spend here, due to its rich history, its three bridges and architecture… I consider it to be the perfect city to live in—not too large nor too small. That is, I don’t feel like I’m living in a large city as if I were staying in Granada or Toledo. Here, the city is divided in two parts. There’s the peaceful part and the more modern district. I feel like I’m living in a small village where you can find everything you need: museums, libraries, sport facilities, hospitals, etc.
Claire: I can think of many important assets making the city of Ronda a very special place! You eat so well in Ronda! The quality of life is absurdly high; it is so relaxing to come here, and it is very easy to travel to other great cities nearby! Moreover, Malaga’s Airport is easily accessible by car and public transportation, which is great if you’re like me and you like to travel a lot
Valentin: For what reasons would you recommend Ronda as being the ideal city to study?
Martin: Learning Spanish in Ronda, Malaga is definitely one of the best options you’ve got. Take the school of Entrelenguas as an example! It’s a very good school and, most importantly, there is always something going on here; it is a place where you can actively socialize. As a matter of fact, when I think about it, I have realised it is much more than a school, thanks to the cultural activities they organize as well as the team’s openness and good spirit. The foreigners coming here are extremely lucky to be able to learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda. When you are integrated into Entrelenguas’ community, you’re on site to attend classes, it’s the kind of places where you feel like to hang out all afternoon.
Claire: Ronda is just an awesome town for students because it is very typical to Andalusia and is surrounded by many other white villages. In general terms, the one main issue for English-speakers is that, if you’re going to stay right on the coast or somewhere similarly swarmed by tourists, you won’t be able to put into practice what you’ve learnt. That’s such a shame…
If you still aren’t totally certain about study Spanish in Malaga, Ronda do not forget that—at the end of the day—it is more about you choosing if you really want an authentic experience set in a place where you’ll feel at home and will be able to immerse yourself into local traditions. One thing’s for sure, this would greatly help you in improving you Spanish. If you want to make sure to start off your trip on the right foot, you should check out the following article about a few practical things you should know before you travel to Ronda

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