Guiri guide to -erías

Spanish words that end in ería

When in Spain, if you’re looking out for a specific shop on the high street, most of the time, the shop will end in -ería. It’s a funny thing how adding this suffix onto the end, makes it the product’s shop! We share with you this article about the Spanish words that end in ería.

The reasoning behind it comes from the Latin. ‘area’ meaning ‘place of’. The Spanish then made it ‘ería’ So, here’s a list of the typical -erías you’ll find in Spain:
Cafeteria – this is the one you’ve probably seen the most. They tend to be a happy mix of café and a bar
Pollería – roasted chicken shop. In the UK I guess you have kebab shops… not quite the same.
Cervecería – brewery.
Bocatería – sandwich shop
Churrería -churros stand. Best to try out all of them so that you know which place is best…
Heladería – ice cream parlor. And I mean proper artisan ice cream.
Frutería – fruit shop. In Spain the fruit is bigger, juicier, fresher, and cheaper! Best place to buy fruit.
Panadería – bakery. I can smell the fresh bread just from writing this…
Papelería – stationary shop
Ferretería – hardware store. A ferretería is full of anything you could every possibly need!
Peluquería – hairdressers
Zapatería– shoe shop
Carnicería – butchers
Perfumería– drugstore/perfume shop
joyería – watch shop

However, there’s always the exceptions… you can’t always add -ería to everything, so here are a few examples:
-Farmacia –  Pharmacy – this word actually comes from the Greek, whereas carnicería, peluquería etc, are more ‘Spanish’
-Supermercado – supermarket
-Biblioteca – library
-Banco – bank
-Estanco (where tobacco is sold) FUMISTERÍA doesn’t exist…
Words that end in -ería, in these cases, are related to words ending in ‘ero/era’
– Panadero> (baker) panadería
– carnicero> (butcher) carnicería
– Peluquero> (hairdresser) peluquería
Whereas ‘farmacia’ doesn’t fall under this category. It’s ‘farmacéutico’ not ‘farmatero,’
Hopefully this will now help you out when looking out for a certain shop in Spain, and as you learn Spanish, these typical shops will come in very handy!

You should also consider watching movies and TV shows in Spanish in order to improve your oral comprehension! Check out our article on Six movies to learn Spanish in 2019!

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