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Spanish Skype lessons to keep your level ON!

Learning a language can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have the time or resources to move abroad. But do not worry, we are here to help! At Entrelenguas we make Spanish accessible to everyone, including those who are far away. Today we have spoken to two of our ‘virtual’ students, Jorge and Ludovica, about their experiences with Spanish Skype lessons and in this article, you can see some of their opinions on learning Spanish virtually.

The first time that Ludovica heard about Entrelenguas was from a friend who lives here in Ronda. At first, she wanted to come to Ronda to take part in an intensive course or one of our voluntary courses but unfortunately could not come. Therefore, she decided to try our Spanish Skype lessons to see if it could be something that worked for her.
Entrelenguas: Why did you decide to learn by the Spanish Skype lessons?
Ludo: I decided to study via Skype because I wanted to do a Spanish course with a native speaker and there are not many native speakers of Spanish in my small city in Italy.
Entrelenguas: What would you consider to be the three best things about the Spanish Skype lessons?
1-    You have to speak Spanish much more than you write it. This is what I love the most!
2-    You have the teacher all to yourself and you can ask them whatever you want, whenever you want
3-    You can learn Spanish from your house and sometimes even in your pyjamas!

Entrelenguas: Would you recommend Skype for learning Spanish instead of a face-to-face tutor?
Ludo: I think that they are very similar, but you are very lucky if you have the opportunity to learn Spanish face-to-face.
Entrelenguas: Would you recommend Entrelenguas for Spanish Skype lessons? Why?
Ludo: I would 100% recommend it! Entrelenguas is a school that listens to the needs of their students and my teacher, Mari, is very good and fun!

Afterwards we spoke to Jorge, who after studying with us in Ronda decided to continue learning Spanish via our Skype lessons.
Entrelenguas: How did you hear about the school and why did you decide to study Spanish with Entrelenguas?
Jorge: In 2016, my wife Ina and I decided to live in Ronda for 9 months. We searched online for where we could learn Spanish and we found Entrelenguas.
Entrelenguas: How has your experience with Entrelenguas been so far?
Jorge: We are very happy with the school. The people are very nice and there is a variety of very competent teachers. Also, we love the idea that the locals and students do things together, such as cooking, walking around the landscape, listening to music, watching films and much more.
Entrelenguas: Why did you choose to study via Skype?
Jorge: In Denmark I studied Spanish in a school. In my class there were 9 students and I wasn’t able to speak as much Spanish as I had hoped. Also, I wanted to stay in contact with the school in Ronda. Why? I love the people there and Skype works very well for this.
Entrelenguas: What would you consider to be the three best things about studying via skype?
1 – The ability to have face-to-face contact
2 – To learn Spanish with my teacher although she is in a different country 3200km from my home
3 – The ability to exchange documents and the ability to screenshot instantly.

Entrelenguas: Would you recommend Entrelenguas for Spanish lessons via Skype?
Jorge: Yes, of course.

So, are you interested about the Spanish Skype lessons? Would you like to know more?

With our Skypes lessons, you not only receive one to one tuition from a native and experienced teacher, but also, you receive materials to be used alongside the lessons. The tasks assigned are specific for you in order to continue your learning and reinforce what you have learnt in class. For more information, click the following link about learning Spanish online

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