Spanish School in Ronda

The way in which we learn Spanish has changed.  We used to think that in order to learn a language we had to sit down with a paper and pencil and listen carefully to a teacher in a classroom.  However, we´re now learning that learning Spanish and real-life experience go hand in hand, giving the learning experience an authentic liveliness and the mark of a real-life situation.

If a presence is the classroom is of vital importance in order to learn the fundamentals of the language, day-to-day communication is the fundamental tool for understanding and remembering what has been learned in class. Following this idea, our principal objective as a Spanish school in Malaga is to combine cultural events with the use of a traditional classroom setting.

Helping travelers and students find new experiences is very positive. Entrelenguas works to offer a Spanish school in Ronda based on principals which tie in with what it really means to travel and learn. This Spanish school Ronda works fundamentally with the local culture to facilitate local experiences.

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