Hammam – Aguas de Ronda

A beautiful Spa in Ronda

We know as well as the next person how tiring travelling can be, particularly if you’re doing so on the cheaper side! Town-hopping from hostel to hostel has its charms, but we all have those pangs of envy when we turn up at the next destination and catch a glimpse of the infinity pool at the local 5-star hotel. Treating ourselves often feels well out of the budget – but it shouldn’t.
Despite the desire to make the most of everywhere you visit during your travels, it’s important to take the odd day to recharge your batteries. Spa days can be a great way to do so, but often as a tourist, it’s hard to know which spas there are aside from the ones attached to those big hotels, and their invariably exortionate price lists are enough to make you want to curl up in your bed for a day and cry. What’s more, they usually offer services you can find anywhere and you’ll be loathed to waste a day of travelling. However, here in Ronda, we’re delighted (and even a little smug!) boast a spa in Ronda which is the perfect antidote to all this: the Spa in Ronda, Aguas de Ronda Hammam.
This Spa in Ronda is designed in the style of the traditional moroccan hammam, but with the exciting improvements enabled by modern technology. Popular with locals, there is no other spa day in Malaga quite as authentic as this one. Take a few hours to escape the beaten path and slow down. Rejuvenate yourself and you’ll be able to get much more out of the next leg of your trip.
In practice for thousands of years, hammams are designed to help rid the body of toxins beyond mere surface dirt. They are excellent for skin health, improving elasticity and hydration as well soothing any irritated patches. They also have more holistic benefits: muscle aches are relieved, pains eased and stresses simply evaporate away.
The communal nature of the spa also harks back to a different time when the bathing of the body and shared experience of cleansing was a social exercise, a time to come together and relax. This Spa in Ronda or hammam is one of the most salient reminders of the Arabic influence in Andalusia, and as a result is a key cultural experience for anyone passing through Spain’s most southerly comunidad autónoma.
In Aguas de Ronda, you can combine your time between the pools with different treatments such as massages and facials, and tea is provided throughout. Note that flip-flops are obligatory, but if you don’t have a pair on you the spa sells cheap foam ones for pennies.
Cheap spa days can be hard to come across for travellers, and that’s why this gem in Ronda is so special. Through connecting with this ancient tradition, you’ll get a glimpse of the daily life of present-day locals. Far away from the gimmicks of coastal resorts, this spa day in the pueblos blancos of Malaga province is definitely an unmissable experience.

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