Spanish cooking classes in Spain

Enjoy Ronda wines through a cooking in the vineyard experience and learn about slow food philosophy

If you’re a lover of fine dining, wine and nature, we’re sure that these Spanish cooking classes in Spain in the middle of the heart of Ronda’s countryside will amaze you. Picture this; you arrive in a 100% organic vineyard at the foot of a cliff, where you’ll have access to superlatively beautiful views of the city of Ronda and one hell of a sunset. There, you’ll cook the most traditional dishes Andalusia has to offer, try some of the best regional wine and, of course, have a great time with us. How do we do it? Simple.

Based on your dietary requirements and preferences, we deliver a menu based on the local produce and ingredients that are in season, which are also suitable to be cooked outside. We get all of the ingredients from local shops and put everything in place for you and your loved ones to get cooking, with the help of our chefs. When everything is ready, you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible lunch or unforgettable dinner depending on the season, far away from the noise and hustle and bustle of a city, accompanied by the sound of a nearby waterfall.

It would be a waste to only cook in such a location, so that’s why we escort you through the vineyard with a glass of fine Ronda wine in hand as our guide explains everything about the growth process. Our guide will show you different varieties of grape that are grown there, the biodynamic care of the land, the harvest process and everything about bottling. At the same time, you’ll be able to try some of the Ronda wines made from the very same vineyard and eat our scrumptious grapes off the vine.

Please remember that we want everyone to experience this marvellous adventure, so we try to adapt it to everybody’s needs. We can try to adapt it to children, pregnant ladies, alcohol-free travellers and any other type of traveller. Just let us know your situation!


4 hours 


95€ pp


75€ pp | excluding VAT

What's included in the activity?

Visit to the vineyard with explanation of biodynamic agricultural techniques, Cooking class, Wine tasting with explanation of wines, Meal made from local, organic products


Ronda, Spain. This activity starts at entrelenguas

For who?

For everybody

Spanish Cooking Classes in Spain

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