Spain culinary tour

Become a Masterchef with our Home Cooking classes through the Slow Travel philosophy

This Spain culinary tour in Ronda is ideal for ‘foodies’ that want to make the most of their visit to our city to discover more about the internationally renowned Andalusian cuisine. With help from our friends, you will learn how to cook traditional Spanish dishes under direction of a local chef, with whom you’ll also be able to practice your language skills. In addition to this, you’ll enjoy your masterpiece meal accompanied by the best wine in the region. This Spain culinary tour doesn’t just take place in some random kitchen, but in the chef’s own home: as it is our purpose to deliver the most authentic, homegrown experience.

Additionally, you’ll further your knowledge of everything there is to know about the ‘Slow Food movement that, amongst other things, has become the bedrock of not only our cooking philosophy; which utilises seasonal, organic products of the region, but has taken Europe by storm. Our beloved chef will show you how to combine in season ingredients from our organic gardens, farms and local estates: and in doing so contribute to slow tourism! With respect to our wine, we inform you that it comes from our own vineyards, all organically cultivated and grown, and only the best grapes of each season are chosen to be fermented.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll be given your own recipe book to write down all the instructions and advise that you receive, and also be told where to find the best in season ingredients in Ronda! Sounds good, right? The only thing we need on your part is to know if you have any allergies, dietary requirements, whether you’re travelling with children, and your cooking level. Let us know your needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you’re looking for a cooking course in Ronda that’s authentic and homegrown, this is for you!


4 hours 


80€ pp


65€ pp | excluding VAT

What's included in the activity?

Cooking class using traditional recipes and seasonal ingredients, Recipe notebook, Home-cooked meal with local wine


Ronda, Spain. This activity starts at entrelenguas

For who?

For everybody

Spain culinary tour​

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