Iberico Ham Tour Spain

Taste our famous Iberian Ham at an organic farm into the natural park

If during your visit to our city you’d like to find out more about the surroundings of Ronda Spain and the exquisite local produce it has to offer, we invite you to make the most of this great opportunity to visit an authentic piggery right in the heart of the Natural Park of Alcornocales and in the company of a local guide. In line with the concept of Slow Travel, we aim to avoid the tourist traps and masses – which this Iberico Ham Tour Spain does in spades. The farm that you’ll visit is closed to tourists, yet will open its doors for you like family not seen in years.

Iberian ham is world renowned as being one of the key delicacies native to Spanish cuisine, but hidden behind the mass production of a now global food is a complete, delicate process which the original makers of the product strictly adhere to in order to maintain the roots of the mouth-wateringly delicious ham. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see the different breeds of pigs on this organic farm, frolicking freely in the fields and feasting on highest quality diet that consists mainly of acorns. Afterwards, you’ll visit the rest of the estate, including the ‘curing room’ where the owner will explain everything about the organic production procedure that results in the best Iberian ham in the region. You’ll have the opportunity to try different varieties of ham, as well as various other locally grown produce from the area! Such as the wonderful cherry cakes, a traditional homemade dessert, made with ingredients that come straight from the countryside to your plate, which’ll end your tour on a high note.

We’re sure that during your stay in Ronda you’ll try all the great tapas and raciones of Iberian ham, but why not get to know the secretive process behind the delicacy? Join us for a tour and discover the secrets surrounding the most typical Spanish delicacies.


5 hours 


145€ pp


105€ pp | excluding VAT

What's included in the activity?

Visit to an Iberian pig farm, Tour of ham-curing room, Tasting of local products, Home-cooked meal made from local organic products on the farm, Transport


Ronda, Spain. This activity starts at entrelenguas

For who?

For everybody

Iberico Ham Tour Spain

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