Ronda Wines

Ronda wines 

Entrelenguas is positioned within Ronda as a cultural immersion centre. As such, we offer different possibilities for the people who visit us according to the kind of activities they are looking to do. These always include very important values: small businesses, local products and a collaborative economy. Without a doubt, these are modern times in which creativity, and cooperation between people take precedence. This means that the cultural events, touristic activities and Spanish language teaching that Entrelenguas offer are all made up from a sustainable and collaborative philosophy, which creates an unique, authentic and local experience of Ronda. 

Here at Entrelenguas, Ronda wines and Malaga wine can be discovered in different ways. Our cultural events that are created in our centre will enable you to unearth Ronda’s wines Descalzos Viejos, while putting a high importance on local products. In the same way, our touristic events for people who visit Ronda promote local products. Ronda wines are a fundamental part of our activities such as Home Cooking and Wine Tasting in which you have the opportunity to taste a variety of Ronda’s high quality wines. 

The reason for writing this post is to inform you about an event that we have organised, one that has taken place on previous occasions, which will take place this Friday to mark the beginning of Summer. Surrounded by the green countryside and blossoming flowers, of which the fields will soon turn a prominent golden yellow for the next few months. We are currently preparing this great event surrounded by daisies, vineyards and almond trees in the Guadalevín valley, accompanied by one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Andalusia, dimly lighting Ronda in an glowing orange light. The objective of this event is to learn about Ronda wines, organic agriculture promoted by Samsara and to try the best local cheeses, fruits, meats and organic olive oils that Ronda creates.

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