Ronda, the new destination for Spanish Teachers

Boris Greff is a Spanish and English teacher in Schengen Lyzeum in Perl, in Germany. Being a language-lover and travel buff, he visited Entrelenguas during his spring break and discover much of what Ronda has to offer. Like Boris, many other non-native Spanish teachers will have the possibility of get to know the city, practise Spanish and learn more about the Andalusian culture between the 1st and 14th August 2016, when Entrelenguas holds the International Training for non-native Spanish Teachers. The reason for choosing Ronda is simple. As Boris said, “Ronda has everything, which means that it is the ideal city to perfect your Spanish knowledge. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature and the architecture is really impressive, too. It’s a place with a lot of history and culture, and it has a huge variety of restaurants that offer all different types of food. Above all though, the locals or Rodeños are charming. They’re really kind, open people.”

This training programme focuses not only on the development of the linguistic knowledge, but also on the cultural understanding of Spain and Andalusia. Participants will broaden their sociocultural competences and take a closer look at the country’s culture. “Here, you can appreciate the mix of Arabic and Christian cultures, which is really key for me above all in Andalusia – continues Boris. – You can learn about the conquest, the Reconquista, the Mozarabs etc. that even up to now have without a doubt left a profound mark on Andalusia. We’re also in the place that is considered to be the birthplace of bull fighting, in addition to this; Ronda is a place of music, art, and literature. I’m talking about Rondeños such as Joaquín Peinado, the painter and friend of Picasso, or Francisco Giner de los Ríos, the famous philosopher, and many more. It goes without saying that Rilke, Hemingway, Orson Welles were notably influenced by their stays in Ronda, too. Ronda is an endless source of Spanish and Andalusian culture. It’s also very close to Malaga, Granada, Seville etc., so you can go on many excursions without any problems.

But it will be summer! And of course we will all want to have a great time and enjoy the holidays. Ronda’s perfect setting enables ample cultural offerings and huge variety of cuisine. “There’s something for everyone’s tastes, including wine and tapas, you’re in food heaven here. Even as a vegetarian, I didn’t die of hunger, far from it! It’s really enjoyable to try all of the classic, local products here” – says the Spanish teacher.

Boris has no doubts: “This is the perfect place to really get in to delve into the culture, deepen your knowledge and at the same time have fun while out at night, speaking to people. Here, there’s an endless number of possibilities to learn. There are also extremely attractive ways of partnering with the Entrelenguas team; I know that I can come with a group of adult co-workers or a group of students and the school will organise everything: accommodation, language courses, excursions…this makes my job as a teacher easier and gives me the opportunity to not just talk theory, but also to show my students and co-workers why learning Spanish and getting to know Spain is so great!”

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