Ronda Tour

There is one thing that all tourists have in common: none of them want to admit to being one. When we travel and explore a new place we want to know immediately where to go, where to eat, and where to find the hidden gems which only the locals know about.  There is a very fine line between the concepts of ´traveler’ and ´tourist’ and it´s up to each of us to decide which type of person we would like to be while on our travels.

With this in mind, Entrelenguas has set itself up as a cultural immersion centre in Ronda to facilitate the best possible stay in Ronda for foreign travelers. We offer visitors a different map of Ronda and advice in order to curate a class of tourism which is both high quality and sustainable. At Entrelenguas we work to convert tourists into travellers and to uncover the authentic and original side of Ronda with them.

One of the tourist activities that we offer at Entrelenguas is the guided Ronda Tour. As with all of the tourist activities that we offer, the guided Ronda Tour seeks to encourage a complete immersion into the local culture to visit Ronda.  This is the reason why we don´t give tours to big groups: we like to create a personal relationship between the travellers, the guide and the locals. With a guided Ronda Tour from @alex.guide we will of course visit the city´s principal monuments and the most famous tourist sites around the area, but the good thing about doing a guided Ronda Tour with Entrelenguas is that you get the chance to also discover forgotten streets of the city, old houses where artisans work, hidden churches with a high historical and cultural value, and other lesser-known gems. The guided Ronda Tour focuses chiefly on the periphery of the city, where lie the ancient walls, along with the convents where nuns still sell their handmade cakes and biscuits. Entrelenguas´ guided Ronda Tour reflects the city´s intertwined mix of rich historical tradition and modern innovation.

Our goal is for the traveler to familiarize themselves with the rhythm of the city and the way in which the Rondeños of today live. Through giving them the opportunity to discover the corners and stories that only the locals know, we aim to offer travelers and exclusive and unforgettable experience.

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