My life in Ronda: A long process, but a good one.

A long process, but a good one. | Michael Buckland

Two years ago we lived in Australia. We are now retired in Ronda, half way around the world.

Why did we choose Ronda? We have lived and worked in many countries: England, United States (both coasts), Australia (three times), New Zealand (twice) and Canada. We had a wide range of experiences to choose from.

But our money was limited. Living well in many parts of the world had reduced our savings. And the global financial crisis did not help. New York, Melbourne and London were too expensive. But Central America, and parts of the Far East were affordable. Then we looked at Europe.

The process took a year, talking with friends and family, and much study on the Internet.

The final choice was Spain, southern Spain – the weather, cost of living and the culture of Europe, were very persuasive. We chose Ronda. We said: “If we don’t like it, we can always go somewhere else.” But when we mentioned Ronda to friends, they said things like: “My favorite place” and “So Beautiful” and “It is beautifully preserved, despite the invasion of tourists every year.”

We arrived in February 2015. It snowed!! What happened to the climate of southern Spain?!

But we embraced the place and the people welcomed us. We have lived here for a year and a half, with no regrets. We are learning Spanish at Esquela Entrelenguas and we test what we have learned in our daily visits to the shops of Ronda, where people speak very little English.

Entrelenguas offers an excellent balance. Often intense lessons, combined with an introduction to many aspects of Spanish way of life – parties, flamenco, wineries, local cuisine, also Spanish movies to enhance our learning.

We now call Ronda “Our Hometown.”

Come visit us. We’ll take you for a tapas and a beer.

(Photo by Michael Buckland, A typical Ronda Sunset).

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