Live music in Ronda with Chlöes Clue

We were lucky enough to catch up with the Valencian artist from Chlöe’s Clue before her concert with us next Friday. We asked her a few questions and this is what she had to say:

Why Chlöe’s Clue? Why music?
I think that’s a question that I’ve never actually asked myself, because since I was Little I wanted a microphone in my hands. The option of not playing or singing didn’t exist; I sang on stage, in the corridors of my house and driving. Music is a requirement, not an option.
How long have you been playing for? How have you progressed?
I started playing stringless plastic guitars when I was three years old, and after that I stole my dad’s guitar; after that I went to music school, starting to fill my notebooks with songs. That’s when Chlöe’s Clue was born and on Friday we’re going to Málaga.

Which musicians inspire you?
Adam Green, Lou Doillon, Jero Romero or Tennis. Those are just some examples of a long list of artists!
What do you think of today’s trends in music?
Although through trends we hear the commercial music that has so much success today, I am happy to say that I do not share this taste in music. Musical trends will always exist and they will try to impose musical tastes that for the moment are based on songs that are easy to listen to with insipid lyrics that are at times, insulting. I think the important thing is that we each get to know the wonderful world of music and we will find a style that makes us happy, that we’ll dance to, that we’ll remember. …and let’s keep supporting artists that don’t follow today’s trends as there is such a wide variety of different bands in the world.
What things are necessary for you to feel comfortable as an artist?
I can’t go out to sing without eating beforehand. Once I did it and I was so scared that my stomach was going to rumble and that the microphone would pick it up. I probably have a lot more and I don’t notice them.
Can you tell us about your current and future projects?
Right now we are touring after the release of our new album, PANORAMA (we also went to Paris a few weeks ago) to play to people there so that they could dance to it. It’s tricky to know what the future will bring, but without a doubt I will continue to count on the stories in my head that manifest themselves as songs and we will continue making music and giving concerts, hopefully more and more frequently.

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