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Who said that you can’t find quality live music in small towns? ‘Ronda Suena’ is a cultural movement whose aim is to promote live music and who take charge of bringing the latest trending national artists to our city. In this post we want to promote Ronda Suena as the pioneer of live music in Ronda, as well as presenting the concert programme that we have prepared at Entrelenguas for the up-coming summer.
As if it were in a large city, ‘Ronda Suena in the Vineyard’, the name under which the ensemble of concerts in the Samsara Vineyard organized this summer will appear, will be composed of three nights of music over June, July and August. Six up and coming bands that are already renowned in Spain with a glittering musical career ahead of them will form a lineup worthy of the biggest festivals. Ronda will enjoy a summer full of great live music in the open air, and the prices are unrivalled. You can get your hands on a pass which includes access for the entire three days for 30 €, or if you’d prefer to ease yourself in gently, you can buy a day pass for 15 €. It goes without saying that the price is a complete steal and even more so when you choose the pass for all three days, given that one of the days will be free – a real bargain!

The first event will take place on the 30th June and there will be two bands that will feature. Firstly, Sandra Bernardo, a composer and singer from Madrid that explores different styles of music from Jazz, Bossa Nova and Folk to Pop and even Gospel; without a doubt, a multitalented artist recognised by the media as one of the greatest of 2016 and that will continue her success in 2017 with her song ‘Fruta’ that she composed and co-produced. It doesn’t stop here: Apartamentos Acapulco, the group from Granada that will follow. ‘A confrontation of cautiously simple melodies compacted with guitars and noisy synthesiser sounds’: this is how they were defined by the magazine Mondosonoro. It’ll be a night to remember.

You will have to wait until the 28th July to hear the next two bands. This time, it’ll be the British band Mustard that will start the night with a bang. It’s a band whose music is defined by hints of a more minimalist electro-style, with its own personality that will not leave us indifferent to its sensitivity towards its purer roots of funk. We will continue with Oso Leone, from Majorca, which has become a national group that has managed to reach beyond our borders. The good news? They will be playing live for us in Ronda on this summer evening. This band has evolved from the expansive post-folk of their first albums to a more elegant sound now inspired by a style that sits between R&B, Soul and Funk. Without a doubt, a delight for the ears.

All good things must come to an end and the 25th August is the chosen day to put the cherry on top of a summer of great music. Our suggestion: that you immerse yourself in the resonant sounds of Reggae, Dance-Hall, Roots and Dub. Yes, ladies and gents, Kilimanjahro IS IN DA HOUSE! Reasons to come and see them? This band featured on the poster of the Rototom Sunsplash Festival and their song ‘Una vez vi’ became the theme of the Alma de León programme on Radio 3. On the other hand, if there is a group acclaimed by critics that you can’t miss this summer, it’s Los Nastys. This band from Madrid has played on the stages of FIB, Dcode, Sonorama, Arenal Sound, Let’s Festival, and now in Ronda! But not before stopping in Mexico on their tour and playing for Spotify’s anniversary. Los Nastys are a guerrilla group fighting in the name of love, common sense and the dreams that we pursue. ‘Music for love and war’ was their last album, you’re going to love them!

The prices:

  1. Three-day music pass 30 €  |  30 June + 28 July + 25 August | (save 15 €)
  2. One day of music 15

You can write to us with any questions or to get hold of your tickets, which are available now! Reach us at info@entrelenguas.es. Also, we would be very grateful if you could share this post with your friends!

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