Learning Spanish through Skype

Learning Spanish through Skype: The Benefits

Learning Spanish through Skype is a fantastic tool to further your learning outside the classroom. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to enjoy individual and personalised courses in the comfort and privacy of your own home. What’s more, you can freely choose the weekly timetable and frequency of your classes so that they fit perfectly in your calendar. Whether you already have a good level of Spanish or want to start learning from scratch, this tool will definitely prove useful to you. But what are the benefits exactly? Let me explain why learning Spanish through Skype is worthwhile and will not leave you disappointed.

Why learn Spanish through Skype?

  1. Skype is a convenient way to learn a language

If you want to improve your level to get a promotion at work, maintain your level after a trip in a Spanish-speaking country or if you just want to start learning Spanish, all you need is an Internet connection, a computer and a Skype account.
In fact, if you want to start learning before you arrive in Spain, starting with Skype can allow you to quickly acquire the basics of the language and therefore be speaking Spanish as soon as you set foot in the country. In this way, it allows you to put into practice what you have learned instead of spending much of the time talking English. Speaking the same language as the locals intensifies your experience, you can get much closer to people and establish deep and lasting friendships. Much better, don’t you think?

  1. Take advantage of new technologies

In order to learn Spanish, you neither need to have a teacher come to your house nor leave the house to attend physical classes. Thanks to Skype, you can see your teacher in full screen. Sometimes the screen is reduced, but the teacher will stay  with you, whilst, for example, you are filling out an exercise sheet on the screen. One of the most useful Skype features is that your teacher can see your screen while you write and vice versa, without having control over it. In this way, it allows them to analyse the way you think and write in Spanish, so that they can provide you with the most relevant and detailed explanations possible. What’s more, your teacher can send you photos, infographics or links all through the same platform: Skype.

  1. The flexibility of learning Spanish through Skype

The hours of classes are agreed taking into account the teacher’s and student’s schedules. Given that in Spain the morning here ends at 2pm, you could find a slot during your lunch break. If not, our Spanish teachers are available until 8pm, which would give you time at the end of your working day for a class. In any case, you will be able to find a time that helps you get the most out of your Spanish, that doesn’t interfere with your everyday life.

  1. Economic benefits

Aside from being just practical, learning Spanish through Skype can also be cheaper than conventional learning methods. When you study from home, you don’t need to drive to the language school, nor do you have to pay the travel expenses of a teacher to come to your house. These travel costs can be considerable especially if you are a student. An online course will usually always be cheaper than one in a classroom, regardless of whether it is a one-to-one or group class. In addition, all of our teachers are native speakers and have the Master ELE, so they are specialists in teaching Spanish as a second language. Considering that they give totally customised classes according to your level, we reckon Skype classes make a pretty good investment.

To conclude, they say that if you don’t practice your Spanish for at least ten minutes a day, you’ll likely lose fluency and forget vocabulary.  Even though the physical, human contact of learning in a classroom facilitates understanding and learning, there are applications such as Duolingo or Babbel that can help solve this problem. For some people, this is not enough- they prefer to listen to podcasts while having breakfast or driving. If this is your thing, I recommend reading our article on five easy listening podcasts to learn Spanish. However, there is no doubt that nothing is better than the help of a teacher, especially through Skype!

By @Valentin Brillanceau

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