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Learn Spanish online from Pluto if you need!

Our online classes that we conduct via Skype are directed at students who live in non-Spanish speaking countries and who would like to keep up their learning and practice their speaking at a long distance, without needing to attend a Spanish school. By taking Spanish classes online you’ll be able to access individual sessions from all corners of the world, with the confidence that you can learn to speak Spanish online with a flexibility that works with your hours, learning with the best native speakers as teachers! Whether you’re from Toronto or Timbuktu, we’ll work around your hours so that you can continue pushing your linguistic limits and having a great time doing so!

How does it work to learn Spanish online?

After completing a brief, totally free, oral level test over Skype, we’ll identify your level, learning needs and interests to personalise the lessons that follow, for which you’ll receive specific learning materials that you’ll make use of throughout your lessons. The classes themselves are centred around the practice of different lexical items, grammar and pragmatics of the language through speaking. Your learning objectives are achieved through controlled practice, open-ended conversations, short presentations and debates over specific themes, amongst other things. After class, you’ll also get your hands on specific tasks through which you’ll continue your learning and reinforce the content studied in class. With activities of hands-on grammar, reading exercises, written work and audios, you can continue to learn the Spanish language in your own time. We’re all ears, so if you think there’s a structure that’ll work better for you, let us know! We’re happy to adjust our lesson plans as it’s your learning that we care about the most, taking Spanish courses online makes learning Spanish accessible to all.

The plan includes ten hours of online Spanish classes that you can make use of over a period of three months. The classes will be available to you with the frequency that you desire, however most of our students find one or two hours per week to be the most beneficial. All that you need is a tablet, mobile or computer, a decent connection and headphones in case you want to take your learning to a more public space. We’ll take care of the rest!


60 minute class | with independent work




Any time


BONO 10 lessons

Online Spanish classes

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At Entrelenguas we offer a range of courses for learning Spanish in Spain. Take a look at our programmes, organise your trip to your liking and you won’t have an excuse to not visit us!