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School trips to learn Spanish in Spain


At Entrelenguas, we create bespoke programs for school and college age students abroad,
adapting our lessons to the needs and preferences of these groups. The end goal is that they
have a realistic approximation of both the Spanish culture and traditions that span the ages.
With this in mind, we combine language classes, enjoyable activities, workshops, cultural
visits with our enthusiastic and dedicated guides and trips to various parts of the country to
give the students an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Why come to Ronda?

With its size, sense of community and general security, Ronda is the perfect place for youths
of all ages to start an independent journey, cultivate an appreciation of a culture totally
different from their own and dive straight into the heart of typical life in Spain. The students
can wander the city at ease without needing to use public transport. The fact that
everything is within walking distance from either the school, their accommodation and
landmarks makes it easier for the students to familiarise themselves with the area while still
maintaining that sense of adventure.

Spanish Classes

As a part of the immersion program, we strongly advise at least 3 to 4 hours daily of Spanish
classes during a student’s stay in our beautiful city. We use a 100% communicative method,
in which we take Spanish outside of the classroom. Students can practice their language
skills in real life contexts, such as in shops, speaking with locals, visiting museums and some
of the cities’ landmarks to put in practice everything learned. Our teachers, all experienced
and passionate about their profession, lead these small groups to enjoy an alternative
approach in which oral practice becomes the primary focus.


We supplement our program with a multitude of activities for people from every
background and level of Spanish, from the rock climbing and hiking that end with panoramic
views of the countryside, to cooking classes with the freshest possible ingredients, taken
directly from our own organic herb garden. And of course, we organise journeys to other
parts of Andalusia, as we are at the heart of the region. We offer not only trips to some of
the more emblematic cities of Granada, Sevilla or Cordoba, but also through some of the
hidden gems of the county, such as Setenil, Frigiliana and Tarifa.


At Entrelenguas we adapt ourselves to each and every group, taking into account their
needs to organise stays with either host families or in hotels. Both options have their
advantages, however we strive to ensure that students have a comfortable space where
they can rest and recharge their batteries after an intense day of adventure and discovery.
Personalise your trip to make the most of your Spanish adventure! For more information,
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