Learn Spanish in Malaga for adults

The Extensive Spanish course for expats living in Ronda

The extensive Spanish courses at Entrelenguas are aimed at ex-pats and those who live here part time for work, or permanently in Ronda and its surrounding villages, and are interested in improving their day to day Spanish and cultural knowledge. Similarly, our courses to learn Spanish in Malaga for adults are also aimed at travellers that want to learn in a relaxed way over a long-term stay. The classes take place two times a week, either on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, with each session lasting 90 minutes. There’s also independent supplemental work (you can’t escape homework I’m afraid!) for students that will enhance and complement your learning experience in the classroom. 

Our extensive Spanish courses are centred around the four core skills of a language (writing, reading, listening and speaking) so that our students have a deep understanding of the language and can apply it in various day to day situations in Spain. The basic levels (A1 – A2 in accordance with the European Framework of Reference) are designed primarily for oral production. They give students a fundamental grasp on basic lexis and grammar of the Spanish language. For intermediate to advanced levels (B1 – C1) these classes are centred around more complex aspects of the language, such as sociocultural contextual exchanges, precision of language use, grammar and correction of habitual errors in order to prevent bad grammatical habits. Follow this link if you want to learn more about the language levels.

These courses typically work on a monthly basis and are available to those of all levels. They are offered at all times of the year and students can join up to open groups whenever they please. However, please note that there is a maximum of eight students per group as a rule. Furthermore, this model of course is perfectly compatible with one-to-one Spanish classes and with the myriad events and activities that are organised through our school, whose objective is to provide different, authentic contexts in which to put into practice what you have learned.



one month, start when you want!


€70 per month + €20 registration fee.

Available levels

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


Spanish classes with a maximum of 8 people.

Learn Spanish in Malaga for adults

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