Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda

Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda.

Who better than students themselves to give advice on how to learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda an easy way? Here are ten simple, easy, and effective tips from Mike Benn, a student in our Spanish B1 class. Watch out, all of these tips use the imperative (positive and negative). Take note and improve your Spanish! Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda. 

  1. Try to live in a country where Spanish is spoken. I think that the most important thing that leads to learning is the necessity to learn. If you live in a place where not many people speak your language then you’re going to have to learn very quickly.  
  2. If you know people that speak your language, resist the temptation to be with them all the time. It’s important to surround yourself with the sound of the language that you are learning. At times it can be quite difficult to separate yourself from your compatriots, but you need to make an effort. Be patient, the rewards are bountiful. 
  3. Make friends with local people. In Andalusia the people are really open and friendly. Use the language when you can, it’s a gift from the country. Always accept invitations to parties, barbecues, music events, festivities, wine tasting sessions… the list is endless. 
  4. Look for a school with small classes and lots of local activities and excursions, and go there at least twice a week – more if you can. A school is really useful because it gives you a regular timeslot in which you can learn. 
  5. Always do your homework. You’ll enjoy it if you’re committed to learning. 
  6. Don’t worry if at times you feel that you aren’t learning quickly enough. Other times you’ll feel like the King of languages, suddenly being able to remember things that you didn’t think you had learnt. Learning a new language is like this; like a rollercoaster. When you study, you’re learning all throughout the day, even if it doesn’t seem like it. If there’s something you don’t understand, always ask your teacher. 
  7. At times locals speak very quickly, but always ask the person to speak slower if you don’t understand. Resist the urge to say “yes” or “sure” when you don’t understand. The other person will think you are weird and you won’t learn anything. 
  8. Change the language on your phone and laptop. Watch telly and listen to the radio in Spanish. Immerse yourself in the language until the sound of it comes more naturally to you. At first, Spanish can seem like a collection of words without any meaning, but after some time your brain will start to accept the sounds and you’ll find that you understand more with little effort.  
  9. Increase your vocabulary by reading newspapers. You’ll find that when you’ve looked up a word six or seven times in the dictionary, you don’t want to do it again and you’ll learn the word. 
  10. Buy food in small shops. This will give you the opportunity to speak to people. In the supermarket, it’s too easy to buy things without having to interact with people and you lose the opportunity to learn. 

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