From Passion to Hablamos Spaans

Last May Entrelenguas hosted a group from the Netherlands thanks to Hablamos-Spaans, a Spanish centre that promotes the Spanish language not only though lessons but also through school trips in which students put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Today we talk to Marga Veldkamp, the director of Hablamos-Spaans and a teacher at the center, to discover more about this great place.

1.  What is Hablamos-Spaans, where is it and how did it start? 

Hablamos-Spaans is a small language school in the east of Holland, in Arnhem and Malden. It opened six year ago from pure passion. I started it myself because I wanted to share my enthusiasm for the Spanish and Latin American language and culture. I love travelling and it’s fun to be able to share my experiences in class. I also love looking for new and different ways of learning; this is why Entrelenguas’ programme grabbed my attention.

2. What brings Hablamos-Spaans students to study Spanish? What’s the main reason? 

We have all types of students with different reasons for studying Spanish: some just want to go on holiday in Spain or travel to Latin America and they like speaking with local people. We also have students that need Spanish for their work, some have Spanish speakers in their family, and some just like learning languages.

3. What does travelling to Spain from Holland with the school bring to the students? 

I think it brings a lot to them, they can put into practice everything that they’ve learnt, make new friends, they have the opportunity to stay with Spanish families and experience Spanish life first-hand. Also, because they are going with their classmates from the school, they can share and exchange experiences…something really nice, too.

4. What were the students able to learn from a week in Ronda? What did they like most about our city? 

I think that apart from gaining more Spanish knowledge, they also learnt a lot about the culture and Spanish life, especially through the programme that Entrelenguas offers. Ronda is a beautiful city in a spectacular region. But, what we liked the most is the care, enthusiasm, and the attention to detail of your team. It’s been an unforgettable experience!

As an aside; 

If you have a language school and want to teach your students more than just the language, why not take a trip to visit us and experience it yourselves!  If we’ve sparked your interest take a look at our classes and activities here.

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