The European Ideas Lab – Changemakers

The European Ideas Lab – Greens meet Changemakers

Initiatives which are created in order to promote training and the exchange of knowledge and which enable professionals from different sectors to keep learning should always be at the forefront of our minds. It is the case with professional conferences such as European Ideas Lab. In the times which we’re living in, global markets are forever evolving and it’s these events that give us the perfect opportunity to get up-to-date and learn first-hand about the new projects and ideas revolutionzing our sectors.

Last March, we’ll have the privilege of being one of the expert bodies invited to speak at the conference organised by the The Greens | European Free Alliance in the European Parliament with the support of the Green Party. “The European Ideas Lab – Greens Meet Changemakers,” the conference’s official title, aims to bring together for three days different professionals from all over Europe who in one way or another play a fundamental role in their respective fields. In our case, the focus will be on the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.”
Over the course of the event, more than 300 Changemakers with expertise in fields such as renewable energy, education, law, tourism, architecture, sociology and economics will be brought together; in other words, the perfect combination to bring about positive results for every participant.
Various topics which are relevant worldwide will be highlighted through the organisation of different workshops and presentations. In this way, social, economic and environmental issues can be discussed with a view to coming to conclusions that help us to select the courses our companies will take in the coming years. The presentations laid out in the programme will tackle subjects such as freedom of information in the digital age, European funds, democracy 2.0, regulation of online platforms, climate change and new markets. These are but a few of the names of the proposed talks in the itinerary this year. Looks promising! In addition, the breakfasts and networking sessions which have been organised will be the perfect opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and share our experiences and opinions.

Our role in the European Ideas Lab as experts in the tourism sector will be to present tourism in the European Parliament and Sustainable Tourism as the only viable way forward for the development of the sector in the long term, explaining how to put it into practice by way of our professional experience as tourist consultants and at Entrelenguas, the company based in Ronda which we founded together. At the conference we will make the distinction between the destinations which have had the most positive evolution in the sector and the areas which have yet to be subjected to mass tourism and the exploitation that often comes with it. All this in order to then encourage a search for ideas that promote the correct functioning of tourist resources and the direct involvement of the local community as the foundation of the development of the local economy.
We’ll talk about the new styles of tourism, which are largely motivated by the traveller’s desire to avoid mass tourism and the usual tourist package, and finally, we’ll carry out a close examination of the new management styles and trends which are appearing with collaborative tourism and current developments in the sector.
The European Ideas Lab looks set to be, without doubt, a wonderful professional experience, which, as well as opening our minds up to new projects and ideas, will enable us to meet other professionals from different sectors who are keen to share their knowledge on current issues. After all, the world and its markets are becoming increasingly globalised and although it may sound somewhat paradoxical, knowing a little about everything helps us to become better specialists.

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