European Day of Languages: A celebration of diversity

Following the success of the Year of Languages in 2001, the Council of Europe declared 26 September every year to be a European Day of Languages.

On the day, events are organized across Europe to celebrate and learn more about the hundreds of languages spoken throughout the continent. The aim of the celebration  is to draw attention to the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe and to promote the learning of a diverse range of languages by the 800 million people represented by the Council of Europe.

The European day of languages also celebrates the many benefits afforded by language-learning. In the age of globalization, multilingualism has become increasingly important in the competitive world of business: speaking more than one language can give you an edge when applying for a job or promotion, or seeking to grow your own business and expand into different countries.

Foreign language learning is also very good for the brain and has been linked to a reduction in the chances of developing dementia in later life.

Ultimately, learning a foreign language promotes inter-cultural understanding. The more the citizens of Europe understand one another´s language, the more we can understand one another´s point of view. Language learning comes most effectively with cultural immersion, and with that comes the experience and understanding of other people.

Happy European Day of Langauges!

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