Cultural Tourism

Tourism changes in accordance with the rhythm of the traveller. Nowadays travel has a different meaning, as the world itself is different now to how it was before. Material interests have been replaced by a quest for new and exciting experiences, which allows us to enjoy new destinations from a much more realistic point of view. What tourists look for most these days is to not be a tourist.

Entrelenguas supports cultural tourism as a principal objective of tourism. The offer of activities helps the traveller to immerse themselves in their destination, but we have noticed that visitors want little else but to disappear, and fit in entirely with the locals. The cultural tourism that Entrelenguas offers: cultural pop-ups, social events such as concerts and music festivals, gastronomy events, art exhibitions, language exchanges and mini plays all add to cultural tourism. Because of this, the mission of Entrelenguas is to provide a welcoming space which to promote cultural tourism in Ronda. The centre offers these regular cultural events as a way of expressing and valuing a city as unique and characterful as is the Andalucian language spoken within its walls.

By reinventing the cultural landscape of Ronda with pop-ups, Entrelenguas enters into an alternative cultural circuit which opens directly to the local community with the aim of promoting intercultural exchange between locals, travellers and students.

Don´t miss out on our busy calendar of things to do in Ronda based on cultural tourism – join the Entrelenguas project!

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