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As the summer heat begins to fade, we at Entrelenguas plan to celebrate our second birthday and the change of the seasons with a music event on the 8th October at our cultural hub in Ronda. All are welcome: be they travellers, students, or local friends.

Our celebration event, Bye Bye Verano, will be the first of many autumn cultural events. We want to bring our students, visitors, travellers and locals together throughout the coming season, through offering a rich programme of high-quality things to do in Ronda, from cultural events to pop-ups, to seasonal celebrations.

The summers here are beautiful, with plenty of things to do in Ronda while the city is drenched in the blistering heat of Andalusia. The heat can sometimes be prohibitive however, and at this crossroads of the seasons we look forward to the days becoming a little cooler, allowing the inhabitants and visitors of Ronda to be more active during the day.

Ronda is situated in the middle of stunning countryside, including the local mountains, the Sierra de las Nieves. As the summer heat subsides, locals and visitors alike will be able to spend more time outside in the open air. Things to do in Ronda in autumn include walking, hiking, gardening or soaking up the autumn sun.

Entrelenguas offers a multitude of things to do: as an example, visitors can choose to learn about Spanish fruit and vegetables in our garden, go hiking in the local countryside, go on a local tour with Alex, or to have a picnic surrounded by nature. For those who prefer the autumn cool, now is the perfect time to explore the outdoors of Ronda!

For this event, acoustic singer-songwriter Vivi Txa Che is coming from Madrid to kick off the celebrations, followed by Tiago Saga, frontman of the British band TimeforT, who will give us a flavour of the best music the UK has to offer.

Come and join us on 8th October from 6pm in our cultural inmersive centre on calle Espiritu Santo 9 to join us in welcoming the new season! Get your ticket at entrelenguas or at Drinks&Co !

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