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Among our favorite pastimes: having a good time with friends, eating more jamón than you can shake a stick at, and getting inspired by good books, scripts, and all things musical. That’s why we round out our offering with cultural pop-ups, music festivals, gastronomic events, art exhibitions, microtheather, and concerts. That’s how Entrelenguas brings together our students, travelers, locals, and anybody else who happens to wander by, and that’s also where we get our name from! Because what better way to experience a place than with the folks who call it home?



Have a gander at our cultural calendar and enjoy the best events and programmes in Ronda.

december, 2018

06dec9:00 pm11:30 pmLanguage exchangeEvery Thursday 9 pm

13dec9:00 pm11:30 pmLanguage exchangeEvery Thursday 9 pm

20dec9:00 pm11:30 pmLanguage exchangeEvery Thursday 9 pm

27dec9:00 pm11:30 pmLanguage exchangeEvery Thursday 9 pm


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