Cultural Events in Malaga

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Entrelenguas offers a fun space where travellers, Spanish students and the local community come together with a common interest. Enjoy culture and real life in a different way. Among our favorite pastimes: having a good time with friends, eating more jamón than you can shake a stick at, and getting inspired by good books, scripts, and all things musical. That’s why we round out our offering with cultural pop-ups, music festivals, gastronomic events, art exhibitions, microtheather, and concerts. That’s how Entrelenguas brings together our students, travelers, locals, and anybody else who happens to wander by, and that’s also where we get our name from! Because what better way to experience a place than with the folks who call it home?

The idea behind out cultural activities, is to offer to our travellers and students and anybody else who visits us and fancies taking part, the opportunity to experience the local culture of Ronda, whilst meeting new people, both local and other students alike. Amongst some of our cultural events and activities are:

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Cultural Agenda

Have a gander at our cultural calendar and enjoy the best events and Pop-ups in Ronda.

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Why offering Cultural Events in Malaga?

Have a look to our cultural agenda and experience local

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors Ronda is the best place for you, situated amongst three beautiful national parks, Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de Grazalema and Parque de Los Alcornocales, Ronda is full of endless hiking and walking routes of varying levels and lengths, take in the sights of the natural beauty surrounding Ronda, whilst spending time with family and friends, meeting new people and even improving you Spanish, all with the help of our professional tour guide. And if you want to bring your fury friends with you, please do! At Entrelenguas we offer a dog friendly environment for those travelling with dogs, so no need to leave them at home, bring your best friend with you!

Whilst you’re in Andalusia, why not get involved in one of the oldest traditions of the region and take a Flamenco class! Learn the basic steps of this beautiful and unique style of dance, meet new people, speak Spanish and have fun! Flamenco music and dance have a profound history in Andalusia, dating back to the VIII century, it is a dance developed amongst the varying cultures in the history of Andalusia. Originating in Spain when it was under Arab rule, it combines cultures, and has been adapted throughout history by Christians, Jews and gypsies, to create the Flamenco music and dance which is so internationally famous today. With this class you will feel more connected not only to the local community through those you meet in the class, but also more connected to Andalusian culture itself.

Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy here at Entrelenguas, we specialise in activities which give back to our local community and the environment. What better way to do that than gardening with us! A great way to meet with locals and make new friends whilst also helping the planet!

And if you’re creative or just fancy trying something new, our leather workshop is perfect for you. With the opportunity to create your own unique masterpiece from Ronda leather, under the guidance of a talented leatherworker you can discover the artist within you. With this unique activity you can have fun, be inspired and learn a new skill all whilst practising your Spanish.

At Entrelenguas we are believers in the idea of ‘Orange Tourism’ which has its origins in the concept of the ‘Orange Economy’. An ‘Orange Economy’ is an economy which is based on culture and creativity, with an emphasis on the arts, goods and services such as the publishing industry, radio, music, tourism and eco-tourism, as well as the design industry such as graphic arts, illustration, jewellery, architecture and fashion. Similarly, Orange Tourism is tourism based on culture and creativity and the preservation of these concepts within a community or society. At Entrelenguas all of our touristic activities, cultural events and workshops are designed with Orange Tourism in mind, they contribute to and support local organisations and businesses, promoting the sustainability of the local area of Ronda. The main principals of Orange Tourism are ethics and participation and all of our activities at Entrelenguas are ethical – all products are sourced locally, ethically and sustainably – and involve the participation of our students and visitors in the local community. With Entrelenguas you can fully and sustainably immerse yourself into the local community and see everything the beautiful town of Ronda has to offer, through the eyes of a local.

Cultural experiences are becoming more and more popular and forming part of the heart of tourism. People are now travelling more and more not just to see touristic sights and landmarks, and not only for the weather, but to have a full cultural experience. It is becoming more and more popular to travel to a place to experience the local life of that area, take part in local, cultural and traditional activities, contributing to the local artistic and creative economy. At Entrelenguas we offer just that, the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the culture of Ronda and experience life as the locals do. Ronda is a town filled with artisans and creativity, so not only through our cultural activities but also with everything the town has to offer, you will have a fully immersive cultural experience.