Cooking experience in Ronda – Home Cooking

Cooking experience in Ronda – Home Cooking

So, you want to do a ‘home cooking’ session but don’t know what that means exactly? Do you want all the information about this cooking experience in Ronda? Well, look no further than this blog! I am about to explain what happens during the activity once you sign up as well as talk about local products, in-season, organic products and traditional cooking.
Let’s start the journey with the house itself. Activate your senses, take in the white houses, listen to the sounds of the city and breathe in the pure, mountain air until you arrive at the door to the house. Firstly, put on your apron and get to know your chef, who will show you how to prepare the chosen dishes (in this case, we prepared 4 tapas and a dessert). To start, the chef will explain a little bit about the in-season products you will be using and how you will use them in the recipes. Next, you will start to cook. Throughout the whole slow tourism experience, the chef will describe the method and what you need to know to prepare the dishes in your own house, teaching you all the best tips and tricks, just like granny used to do.
Local products represent food cultivated at a local level that generally speaking, taste better and fresher. At the same time, local farmers offer a greater variety of fruit and vegetables that take more time to ripen compared to supermarket products. When you buy them, you are supporting the local suppliers, encouraging responsible development of the land and for this reason, we at Entrelenguas are in favour of the use of local products and think it is important for us to use them in our work.

What exactly are seasonal products and organic ingredients?
Well, seasonal ingredients are those that are produced during their natural season and are used within that season itself for making food. Organic ingredients, meanwhile, are those that aren’t transgenic and are free of chemicals, pesticides and other bad additives. Essentially, seasonal and organic products not only respect the environment but are also much cheaper and healthier!
Traditional food is possibly the most important characteristic for any culture. In the heart of Andalusia, there is a wealth of typical dishes that form the staple food found on the table of almost every Andalusian family. You will have the chance to cook some of these dishes during your ‘home cooking’ or cooking experience in Ronda, from “ajo blanco” (an almond soup) or “Salmorejo” (a cold tomato soup) to the queen of traditional food, a “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette), which is not solely Andalusian but rather from all of Spain, you will be using in-season ingredients to cook them, just like nanna.

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