Cooking in the vineyard

Bringing together local, fresh ingredients in a beautiful environment is a recipe for success. At Entrelenguas, our ‘Cooking in the Vineyard’ experience is a cooking class in Ronda that highlights the importance of sustainable farming and the use of delicious local ingredients in traditional Spanish cuisine.
During this cooking class in Ronda in the beautiful nearby Samsara Vineyard, with stunning views of the Tajo valley and surrounding area of Ronda, you will prepare some traditional Andalusian recipes with a professional chef, using in-season ingredients, rest assured that you will learn how to cook these recipes whilst drinking wine produced on the very ground you are standing on.

At Entrelenguas, we encompass all the characteristics of alternative and biodynamic agriculture, not simply during the ‘Cooking in the Vineyard’ experience but in all areas of our cultural hub. Following the principals of diversification, recycling and the exclusion of chemical products, the ultimate goal is to achieve an agriculture with a focus on ecological, local production as well as distribution and sales of foods; something which cannot be achieved with the globalization of food production and distribution. That´s the goal through the cooking class in Ronda and all the activities that we offer from the company.
What is permaculture? Don’t know? Often, we hear this word, but we have no idea what it actually means. Don’t worry, I will explain it all. “Permaculture” is a generic term that incorporates the application of ethics and principals of universal designs. Furthermore, it is connected to the international movement of practitioners. The key themes of Permaculture consist of food, energy supply and the fusion of renewable energy. In addition to this, the concept focuses on a systematic approach that is incorporated into the use of renewable energies.
Using local grapes, the vineyard produces three types of wine; two red and one white. These wines are made locally and for this reason, they can only be found in Ronda, but sometimes, their production is limited by their harvest as well as when you can grow them. In the future, the goal will be to make local wines of good quality and taste that are exclusive to the region.

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