Things to do in Ronda

Things to do in Ronda?

When we talk about Spain, we talk about Ronda. Gastronomy and culture have become the most important “ingredients” in attracting people to visit Andalucía and, more precisely, Ronda. These are possibly the two aspects of our country that tourists from around the world know best, and in this city we have the good fortune of living with both in their traditional essence.

Spanish gastronomical products, like olive oil and Iberian ham, along with other products characteristic of the Mediterranean diet, are clearly a critical component of any traveller’s experience while travelling in Spain. Cheeses from the Serranía de Ronda, honeys from the nearby countryside, fruits from the Guadalevín Valley, and –of course– wine from Ronda, are only some of the reasons for gastronomy playing a central role any visit to Ronda. Among a wide variety of things to do in Ronda is Entrelenguas´ culinary offering in the form of Picnics, Homecooking and wine tastings. Visitors can learn traditional recipes from Ronda and Andalucía using local, seasonal, organic products, deepening their knowledge of traditional Andalusian cuisine while enjoying a uniquely personal lunch or dinner. The objective of these activities is simple: to offer gastronomy as a central part of the visit, and to support a sustainable form of tourism in Ronda. Without a doubt, gastronomical tourism is becoming more and more important in today’s world.

Ronda’s cultural offering –museums, monuments, and special events, especially in spring and summer—is another important consideration when planning a visit. So what exactly is there, things to do in Ronda? Over the last few years, local artists such as photographer Ana Becerra and painters Raúl Guerra and Miguel Retamero have created opportunities for visitors to experience Ronda’s cultural side in a more intimate, personal light. Businesses like the bar-gallery Drinks & Co., the Toros Tapas bar and the Entrelenguas Cultural Immersion Center with a wide variety of exhibitions, events, workshops, and concerts offer additional ways to live the culture of Ronda.

Gastronomy and culture are only a couple of the many “things to do in Ronda” and they are increasingly becoming two of the main reasons that travellers choose to visit our city.

Photo by Ana Becerra

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