The best series to learn Spanish in 2020

Resources are at your fingertips with these best series to learn Spanish 

Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish in a fun way? Everyone loves to watch the TV, but how about practising your Spanish whilst watching a good series? As a Spanish teacher, I can assure you that a great way to improve your listening skills and vocabulary is by watching series or films in the original version. 

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a good series is, of course, on the box. However, if you don’t have access to a TV, the main Spanish channels (TVE, Telecinco, Antena 3…) currently have lots of different series available on their website making it easy to watch them for free and even with subtitles. And of course, it’s always possible to watch a series on a digital platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

In this blog, we want to share a list of the best series to learn Spanish in 2020:

  • Money Heist (La casa de Papel)

This is the most successful and well known Spanish series. It was first shown on Antena 3 before Netflix acquired it and made it known worldwide. In 2018 it won the award for “best drama” at the International Emmy Awards and “best series” at the Fénix Awards which celebrates Ibero-American TV and films.

The series focuses on how a group of eight people, led by the Professor, the main orchestrator, attempt to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

  • The House of Flowers (La casa de las flores)

If you want to practice Mexican Spanish, this is the series for you! This series is a perfect combination of drama and laughter so you’ll be hooked from the first watch. It tackles themes such as bisexuality, death, infidelity and even drugs through black humour.  As well as a range of Mexican actresses such as Verónica Castro and Cecilia Suárez, there’s also Spanish actors such as Paco León. What are you waiting for? Login your Netflix account now!

  • Élite 

For the youngsters, Netflix presents a Spanish series that explores the relationships between students of an exclusive high school. It’s full of secrets, intrigue and suspense, tackling themes such as appearance, homosexuality, love and religion… There are currently two seasons to watch on Netflix with the third due to be released in March 2020. You can’t miss it! 

  • El ministerio del tiempo 

Are you a history lover? Then El ministerio del tiempo is perfect for you! It’s a fictional series that pays homage to important people in Spanish history. The ministry is in charge of making sure that the history of Spain doesn’t change and that people don’t take advantage of these possible changes to gain something for themselves. You’ll be watching episode after episode without being able to stop! You can watch it for free on the RTVE website.

  • El pueblo

We finish with the most fun series on the list. You can watch it on Amazon Prime or on the Telecinco webpage. The series tells of a fictitious town in Soria (Spain) which the people of the city go to, thinking it is abandoned. The series reveals the adventures of the city people who try to flee from their lives and star anew. The second season is about to be released, so take advantage and catch up with the first!

By watching these types of series to learn Spanish, not only will you improve your listening skills, but also gain new vocabulary, ‘street’ expressions, culture and you can listen to different accents or forms of Spanish. Anyhow, if you don’t like to get caught up in a series, we’d recommend this article on the Six best movies to learn Spanish in 2019, or join one of our Skype classes to continue improving your listening and speaking skills. 

If you know of another good series to learn Spanish or you want to tell us what you thought of these ones, please send us a message! 

Mari Coronil

Mari Coronil

Spanish Teacher

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