Best school to learn Spanish while in Europe

Which one of these five institutes is the best school to learn Spanish while traveling through Europe?

With over 470 million native speakers, Spanish is the world’s second most-spoken language. It is recognised as an official language in twenty countries and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN) alongside Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Russian. Interestingly, Spanish is also the second most-used language on Twitter! In a recent report commissioned by the British Council, entitled “Languages for the Future,” Spanish was identified as the most important language for British citizens to learn, and in the US, Spanish is already part of the cultural landscape of many states. If you plan on visiting some part of Europe during your summer holidays, you should make the most of your trip by spending some time in one of the best schools to learn Spanish you can find on the continent.

Battersea Spanish – London

Firstly, a British location! Battersea Spanish in London, UK, is an innovative language school that thrives in getting its students involved with Spaniards inhabiting the city and Londoners from Spanish descent living in and around the neighbourhood. It won the Latin UK Awards for the best school to learn Spanish in the UK, determined by the London Latin Community, as well as the Wandsworth Business Awards for their great customer service. If you happen to drop by on your way to Spain and wish to be prepared for the next step of your EuroTrip, it is a must-see.

 Best school to learn Spanish

L’Arca delle Lingue – Marseille, France

The next establishment on our list of contenders for best school to learn Spanish while in Europe is a French one! LArca delle Lingue, based in Marseille, is a school of Modern Language. This is the ideal place to improve your Spanish during your holidays in the South of France. Due to its strategic proximity with Spain and Italy, the city of Marseille is the perfect compromise if you’d like to learn Spanish while enjoying traditional provençal gastronomy and roaming Southern Europe.

Escuela ENTRELENGUAS – Ronda

Entrelenguas, in the heart of Ronda, Spain, invites travellers to mix with the tight-knit local community of this white village with 35,000 inhabitants, for a week or for an extended stay. Alongside Spanish courses, Entrelenguas proposes educational programmes of linguistic immersions, including various workshops and cultural events centred on traditions, gastronomy, music, and other outdoors activities. Students improve in a friendly and alternative environment and get a taste of the Andalusian lifestyle, progressing at their own pace. In short: the authentic experience offered by the cultural center of Entrelenguas is something unique that you can’t possibly miss if you wish to feel fully integrated into Spanish society during your stay.

ELE USUAL – Lisbon

Are you a native resident of Lisbon ora traveller passing through the Portuguese capital to discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Tower of Belém? Did you explore the cradle of the popular musical genre: o Fado de Lisboa, yet? If so, Spain is also probably already on your travel list! ELE USUAL, is an institute promoting Spanish culture and providing language courses to its visitors. It is orchestrated by the reputable Universidade de Salamanca (University of Salamanca) in Lisbon, Portugal. If you’re looking for a unique experience, you should give it a glance. It has earned its place on our list of the best schools to learn Spanish while traveling Europe.

Best school to learn Spanish

Euro Languages College – Dublin – Galway

Euro Languages College is a located in both Irish towns of Dublin and Galway. It provides world-class instructional services to anyone desiring to learn Spanish and hone their language skills. This boarding school provides accommodation and immersive afternoon and evening activities, all conducted in your target language. The students can enjoy its spacious grounds, including comfortable lounge areas as well as various sport facilities. It is yet another step to include on your learning trip itinerary through the Old World.

Form your own opinion and let us know which one of these language centres is the best school to learn Spanish in Europe.

        Written by Arthur Boureau

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