Finding an apartment in Ronda

Accommodation in Ronda, Spain

The first thing I recommend to find accommodation in Ronda, Spain is searching for apartments on Milanuncios, Idealista and En Alquiler.
These are three very good sites where you can certainly find something that suits you, however, it would be more practical for you to already be in Ronda when you are responding to adverts as it is easier to get in touch with the people and visit the apartment before anyone else does. Reserving an apartment from a distance is somewhat complicated. Some adverts don’t have photos, and even when they do, it is always better to be able to see where you are going to live during the next few months.
Another option to find accommodation in Ronda, Spain would be to ask the Entrelenguas team for help
They have a lot of contacts in Ronda and can find out who to get in touch with. Most importantly, when an old intern from Entrelenguas leaves, a new one usually arrives. If you are coming to Ronda to do a work placement, maybe you can take the place of another intern in their old apartment!
Finally, you can look for an AirBnB
Allow me to explain: I looked for an AirBnb before coming to Ronda, thinking that the host would let me rent a room for a monthly rate. My host told me I could rent a room with her and that we would discuss it once I arrived. She was very friendly and welcoming, but unfortunately, I couldn’t stay with her for long since I was sleeping in her son’s room.
However, I recommend this option because:

  • You never know, you could come across someone that will let you rent a room for a few months
  • If this isn’t the case, your host could help you find another option (in my case, Chiqui’s partner offered me a room, however, I ended up living with students my own age instead)
  • You could stay at an AirBnB for a week and use this time to find an apartment since, as I mentioned above, carrying out this kind of search from a distance can prove to be difficult

And there you have my tips! I hope you find them useful and if you come to Ronda, pop into Entrelenguas and say hi. We’d love to meet you!

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