10 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Ronda

There is a plethora of reasons to come to Ronda to get your linguistic groove on, and it’s been a real challenge trying to narrow down exactly what should go into our list! We’ve taken feedback from students in our classes over the years to get their opinion on why you should learn Spanish with us. Without further ado – here is our list of 10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda.

  1. Ronda is what one might consider a cultural melting pot, churning away over the centuries with the influence of both the Roman Empire and Moorish occupation of the city giving it a different cultural flavour in nearly every aspect. The food, architecture and historical scope all lend a hand in creating a unique atmosphere which has no equal. – Michael Scott
  2. The local cuisine is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world, whose rich flavours are easy to come by in their true Spanish essence. What’s more, you can pick up a few traditional Spanish recipes that are sure to impress your friends back home. – Elise Granier
  3. The Entrelenguas team consists of highly qualified teachers, there to give you the best experience of learning that is tailored to you and your level. The office is also full of people more than willing to give you recommendations on local activities, some of which they provide themselves, such as their Cooking in the Vineyard experience! – Simon Johnson
  4. The city sits atop a mesa 700 meters above sea level situated in the middle of a huge mountain range basin – perfect for nature lovers and those wanting to get a few once in a lifetime photos when the clouds hover just over the ground, giving the city a feel as though it is floating through the sky. – Rose Evans
  5. While the city and its myriad plazas and parks are themselves beautiful, what lends the city its picturesque background is the three natural parks wherein it is situated. You can visit each at your own leisure during your stay, such as the Grazalema National Park. – Steven Hurling
  6. Ronda enjoys great weather most of the year round. Even in the later months of the year, it is typical to have a day in December where you’ll not even need a jacket! – Rafael Bellatini 
  7. Ronda is a town where most of the community are environmentally and ecologically responsible. Everybody does their part to contribute, so if you’re a fan of keeping the planet healthy Ronda is perfect for you. You can even have the chance to help out in their local organic urban gardens! – Hugo Chow-Yuen 
  8. It is said that the language in Ronda is considered by many to be the most grammatically correct form in Spain. Furthermore, if you can understand the accent Andaluz, you can understand anyone! – Miles Smith
  9. Cultural immersion –  The school offers stays with host families to give you the cultural immersion that is necessary in acquiring a new language. You have the option of paying either half or full board should you decide to pursue a Spanish course with them. Even eating daily with a family will no doubt help you to pick up a few lesser known vocabulary tidbits – as well as eating great traditional Spanish food! – Eryk Patterson
  10. Lastly, the community spirit is second to none. It’s not like some cities where briefly making eye contact is considered one of the seven sins – people here often greet each other in the streets with a hearty ‘Buenos dias!’ despite being strangers. People race to help you whenever you’re in a predicament and are also incredibly understanding if you are having trouble with the language. – Lucy Maunders

There you have our list of 10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda. If that’s enough to sway you to our side, please take a look at some of our activities, types of classes that we offer and also at our calendar where we have a wide variety of things available for things to do! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Shoot us an email at info@entrelenguas.es for more information.

Harry Ellis

Harry Ellis

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