10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda

It´s not us who say it, it´s our students! 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda, Malaga. Below are some of the reasons given by students of the school why they chose Ronda as a language learning destination.

  1. For the sun!
  2. Because Ronda is the most beautiful city in Spain, it has a lot of history, it´s in the centre of Andalucía and the food is amazing!
  3. Because the people of Andalucía are very friendly.
  4. Because there are a lot of nature parks around Ronda, and a lot of things to do.
  5. Ronda is a good place to learn Spanish in Malaga because it´s one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Because of this people from many different countries come to Ronda on holiday and to learn Spanish. This means that there is a nice mix of different students. On top of this Ronda has the best Spanish school in Spain!
  6. Because in Ronda there is a language exchange once a week and we have a lot of fun together, while practicing languages
  7. Because Ronda is a charming city and it´s surrounded by mountains!
  8. Because of its geographical situation, its beauty, its tranquility and the dynamism of the school to learn Spanish in ROnda is just perfect! (and its environmental commitments as well), that make studying in Ronda a pure pleasure.
  9. Because Ronda is perfectly situated in a picturesque mountain range, it has a lot of history and also because the people here are very friendly!
  10. The reasons to learn Spanish in Ronda in Malaga are: the friends, the restaurants, the shops, the buses, the doctor, the cinema, the television, the train, being able to drive my car, the radio, the police, the museums, the festivals, the supermarket, and the most important: the teachers in Entrelenguas, who are the best in the world.

Learn Spanish in Ronda, Malaga.

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