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Learn Spanish outside of the classroom

Although grammar, conjugation and vocabulary are fundamental parts of learning Spanish, discovering the culture and nuances that encompass the language are also of equal importance. There are some things that you just can’t study in a classroom, they’re things you have to live, in order to understand. Learning Spanish outside the classroom allows you to put into practise the theory...

Linguistic Tourism | A different way to travel

by @_chloeaam Linguistic tourism is a unique way to travel, that goes beyond the homogeneity of mass tourism and encourages people to immerse themselves in the true way of life of the particular country. In some places, they're using linguistic tourism to nurture interest in endangered languages, and in others they purely want to generate enthusiasm about a different type of...

What to do in Ronda

by @marine_sld As well as being a pueblo blanco (white town) that you just have to visit in Andalusia, Ronda also has the advantage of being close to a mountain of unmissable sights in the region. You can visit great cities like Granada, or smaller and more atypical places like the town of Pitufos. There's a load of options to choose...

Learning Spanish in Malaga

@mariecnt With my university studies, I've had the opportunity to do a work placement and I decided to do it here, in Ronda, near Malaga, and more precisely in this Cultural Immersive Centre named Entrelenguas. I know that it's not always easy to integrate into a new country when you don't know the language so I wasn't totally relaxed about spending 3...

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is a different kind of tourism, characterized by a respect for and positive effect on the local area. The fundamental principle of sustainable tourism is that a traveller leaves the visited are ´in a better state than when they found it´. This involves make a positive impact through investing money into the local community and buying local products...

Spanish School in Ronda

The way in which we learn Spanish has changed.  We used to think that in order to learn a language we had to sit down with a paper and pencil and listen carefully to a teacher in a classroom.  However, we´re now learning that learning Spanish and real-life experience go hand in hand, giving the learning experience an authentic liveliness...

Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda

Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda. Who better than students themselves to give advice on how to learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda an easy way? Here are ten simple, easy, and effective tips from Mike Benn, a student in our Spanish B1 class. Watch out, all of these tips use the imperative (positive and negative). Take note and improve your Spanish! Learn Spanish in Malaga, Ronda.  Try to...

A different Way of Learning Spanish

Today we interview Lewis Foakes, a student from the University of Portsmouth, in southern England. He will be part of the Entrelenguas' team for six months, helping this language school with general intercultural communication. He is part of the new generation who prefers acquiring valuable working experience instead of learning at an international university as part of his degree. This is...