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10 words that Spanish people ALWAYS say!

There are many words in the Spanish language, but there are some that are used A LOT more than others, here is a list of the main ones: 1. Tío/ tía ¡Hola tío! ¿Qué tal tía? ¿Qué pasa tía? Hey mate! You alright girl? What’s up sweetie? If you want to sound like a Spanish person, you need to call all of your friends...

Mi casa es tu casa: a home stay experience

Today we would like to introduce you to Emma. The 19-years-old university student is currently on her gap year so she and her friend are doing a trip through Europe. She decided to do a big stop in Ronda to take part in the volunteering program at Entrelenguas. She is staying with a host family and we interviewed her to...

Enchanted places to go near Ronda, Spain

If you have a few days to do a Malaga walking tour we can give you several details of plans that cannot go unnoticed. Surely somebody has told you: Do not forget to visit Ronda in Malaga or you probably did also hear of Cueva del Gato Ronda and visit of the White Villages of Andalucía. But do you know...

Sonia, the new member of Entrelenguas!

Sonia Octavio is a student at the University of Swansea, Wales but currently lives in Ronda. Today we interviewed her to find out more about her opinion about what it is to live, work and study in this city - and especially if she likes to be a güiri in a village in the middle of Andalusia. 1. Sonia, why did...

¡Pura Vida!

Bríd Walsh left her job, her house, her friends and her native Cork last year in order to travel the world with her wife Clare. They ended up in Ronda, where a month-long visit somehow lengthened into almost half a year...

Vidados and Hazel’s story

Vidados and Hazel's story | By Elsa Maishman Vidados is a global marketplace, with the aim to provide extraordinary activity holidays for extraordinary people. The organization does this by connecting would-be travelers with hosts in their destination country, facilitating the perfect tailor-made holiday experience. Hazel was one such would-be traveller. She was looking for a holiday escape somewhere warm, where she could...

My life in Ronda: A long process, but a good one.

A long process, but a good one. | Michael Buckland Two years ago we lived in Australia. We are now retired in Ronda, half way around the world. Why did we choose Ronda? We have lived and worked in many countries: England, United States (both coasts), Australia (three times), New Zealand (twice) and Canada. We had a wide range of experiences to...

Visit Ronda

Guided tours and cultural activities in Ronda Visiting Ronda is the option that more and more tourists are choosing when they vacation in Andalusia and Spain. But people’s interests are changing, and many travellers don’t want to be “tourists” anymore. When we travel we want to do what the locals do, we want to live like locals live, and we want...

From Passion to Hablamos Spaans

Last May Entrelenguas hosted a group from the Netherlands thanks to Hablamos-Spaans, a Spanish centre that promotes the Spanish language not only though lessons but also through school trips in which students put into practice what they learn in the classroom. Today we talk to Marga Veldkamp, the director of Hablamos-Spaans and a teacher at the center, to discover more about this...