Experience Local

A tourism guide of Ronda

The Experience Local guide serves as an alternative to traditional tourism. It offers the traveller a different way to discover the city through local businesses that encourage and promote responsible consumption through a choice of local or 0 km products, that ultimately prioritise authenticity. With this guide, the traveller is given the opportunity to see and live Spanish culture and customs first-hand through contact with 100% local resources, promoting sustainable tourism all throughout the trip. The objective is that the traveller lives a memorable and authentic experience. In this way, Experience Local offers a more real and original type of tourism that places the traveller in a local atmosphere, where they can discover the city through direct contact with the people of Ronda.

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Albergue Los Molinos

Taberna Tropicana

Bar Sánchez

Drinks & Co.

El Convento


La Tienda de Trinidad

Bar Clemente

Travelling with locals is always better!