For High School Students



Are you looking for a Spanish course in Malaga but would rather stay in a more tight-knit, authentic Spanish community with vibrant and fun cultural activities offered year-round? If so, Ronda is the place you are looking for!

This programme, especially designed for students between 14 and 18,  focuses on the immersion of the students in the daily life of the community. Students combine intensive Spanish lessons (20 h/week) with an engaging programme of afternoon activities and workshops that are managed and run by the local community.

Lessons are taught by university-qualified native teachers and are focused on the four skills of language learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Although all students have different goals when learning a new language, in Entrelenguas we know they all have a common need: to be able to express themselves successfully in the many different scenarios they will encounter. As such, our courses follow a communicative approach that allows the student to adjust to any social context.

In addition to the Spanish course, Entrelenguas offers a wide variety of activities and events (adventure sports, cooking, hiking, flamenco dancing, Ronda Tour, etc.) that have been carefully selected to complement the academic training of our students. Our activities promote direct contact between the students and the community of Ronda so that we ensure that our students obtain a closer undressing of the Spanish traditions and culture.

Students reside with local host families in Ronda who have been carefully selected and trained by us. The programme also includes a weekly trip to some of the most amazing cities in Andalusia: Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Tarifa, etc.



Escape to Ronda for a few days or weeks, discover the city and get to know its people and culture! This programme is ideal for high school students who would like to have a taste of Spanish culture and traditions, as it combines cultural tours and excursions with local activities. Students can choose from a wide variety of workshops, all taught by local instructors. This programme is available in Spanish, English or French. Customize your trip to make the most of your Spanish adventure.

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Academic immersion course


1 - 4 weeks


€740/1 week; €1400/2 weeks; €1980/3 weeks; €2500/4 weeks.

Price Includes

Airport transfer (for groups), Instruction (20h/week) and materials, Family Homestay and three meals per day, Activities, excursions and tours, Travel/Health Insurance.

Cultural escapade


min. 3 days


From €390


with host families or hostel/hotel available upon request